Construction Information

Ready to build, remodel or add a shed, garage or other building?

All Submittals for Plan Approval must include the following:

  • One complete set of plans with specifications and details (height and exterior finishes must be present and legible), including site (plot) survey, plans, showing the location of the structure on the lot and required appurtenances, in Electronic format that can be emailed to Plans on a CD form may be delivered to the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association office. Paper plans will not be accepted.
  • A signed Building Plan Application Exhibit A (Exhibit A) with all information filled out with a black or dark blue pen. If the specification does not apply, please write not applicable or N/A. Do not leave anything blank. If the form is not legible, or incomplete, we will return it to you for a do-over.
  • You must pay a plan filing fee of twenty dollars ($20) to TLPOA before submitting your plans. You must also pay an additional $20 plan filing fee for each set of future plan submissions for additions, alterations, or improvements. You can pay by credit card over the phone or in the office. You can also drop off a check at the office, made payable to Timber Lakes Property Owners Association. Please indicate how you will pay the filing fee in the email with your application.
  • For any new construction under 200 square feet or anything to the exterior of the home or property, please email us the the completed Exempt Construction Application Exhibit B (Exhibit B).

Here is a checklist of the documents you will need and the information you need to know.