Household Garbage

The amount of inappropriate items (construction waste, furniture, non-household trash) being left at or in the TLPOA dumpsters and recycling site is getting out of hand, costing TLPOA owners to have it removed! The County does not remove such items as part of their household garbage service to Timber Lakes Estates, and the TLPOA has to pay for it – which then becomes an expense unfairly passed on to all TLPOA owners.

Please be aware that the TLPOA reviews video footage and will contact you if you or your contractors/vendors leave unauthorized waste at the TLPOA dumpster or recycling sites. If necessary, the TLPOA will contact the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department to issue a citation for littering: Utah State Criminal Code # 76-10-2701. Contractors/vendors should include in their bids to you the cost to properly and legally remove construction waste and/or non-household trash. Neither you nor your contractors should misuse our facilities.

We know you share in our commitment to our Association to provide a safe, beautiful and respectful environment for all owners.

The TLPOA Board of Directors

For more information about the County’s household garbage service and how to properly dispose of non-household trash, click here ==> Garbage Information.


Recycling is not an option in Timber Lakes at this time.