Making The Most of Our Mountain

Timber Lakes has 23 common areas, ranging in size from one to forty acres. In 2011 the TLPOA Board authorized the formation of a committee (made up of owners) to create a Master Plan for the common areas of Timber Lakes, which was approved in August 2011. Click here to view the 2011 Master Plan.

Common Areas Map Small

Download this map in PDF Format: Common Areas Map.

Common Area Committee

To enhance TLPOA common areas for access and use of property owners, while providing clean, safe, attractive, and low-impact recreation areas. To preserve the areas in a natural condition while respecting flora, fauna and adjacent property owners. A conservative and low-cost approach will maximize our natural and human resources. The property owners will enjoy the beauty of this community for generations through a low-maintenance and sustainable approach.
  • Prioritize common areas based on their “develop-ability.”
  • Commission an engineering survey to clearly identify area boundaries.
  • Contact nearby property owners to let them know work near them and involve them in the process.
  • Develop a project that makes the most of the area’s natural attributes, (i.e., views, streams, ponds) and is low-maintenance and sustainable.
  • Restore the area, i.e., eliminate noxious weeds, seed wildflowers, restrict unauthorized motorized vehicle traffic with natural barriers such as boulders and log fences.
  • Work with TLPOA road crew to create and maintain safe, year-round parking for at least four cars at each site.