Making The Most of Our Mountain

Timber Lakes has 23 common areas, ranging in size from one to forty acres. In 2011 the TLPOA Board authorized the formation of a committee (made up of owners) to create a Master Plan for the common areas of Timber Lakes, which was approved in August 2011. Click here to view the 2011 Master Plan.

Common Areas Map Small

Download this map in PDF Format: Common Areas Map.

Common Area Committee

To enhance TLPOA common areas for access and use of property owners, while providing clean, safe, attractive, and low-impact recreation areas. To preserve the areas in a natural condition while respecting flora, fauna and adjacent property owners. A conservative and low-cost approach will maximize our natural and human resources. The property owners will enjoy the beauty of this community for generations through a low-maintenance and sustainable approach.
  • Prioritize common areas based on their “develop-ability.”
  • Commission an engineering survey to clearly identify area boundaries.
  • Contact nearby property owners to let them know work near them and involve them in the process.
  • Develop a project that makes the most of the area’s natural attributes, (i.e., views, streams, ponds) and is low-maintenance and sustainable.
  • Restore the area, i.e., eliminate noxious weeds, seed wildflowers, restrict unauthorized motorized vehicle traffic with natural barriers such as boulders and log fences.
  • Work with TLPOA road crew to create and maintain safe, year-round parking for at least four cars at each site.
  • Work with volunteers to create a kiosk with information for each area and signs to clearly mark trail and protect private property.
  • Spread the word and get Timber Lakers out there enjoying these fabulous resources!
The common area committee wants to involve as many owners as possible in the development of this precious resource—our open space. Join us! Contact the trail boss for a project, subscribe to the blog, Check out the Board Newsletters, join the Residents of Timber Lakes Group on Facebook, or you can email for current information.

Survey Results

The committee based the mission and plan on a survey of owners. More than 220 responded and laid out these priorities:

  1. Hiking
  2. Nature Loop
  3. Pond/Lake Shore Exploration
  1. Sledding
  2. Snowshoeing
  3. Snowmobiling
  1. Dock
  2. Picnic Area/Pavilion (Tie)
  3. Playground

Common Area Etiquette

There are some basic rules for using the common areas and trails.

  • Common areas are only for the use of property owners and their guests
  • Park in designated areas – not on roads
  • Stay on the trails – do not trespass on adjacent lot owners property
  • No motorized vehicles allowed
  • Pets must be kept in control of owners – Do not let pets chase wildlife
  • Respect wildlife and this quiet environment
  • Pack out all trash and pick up after your pet
  • Hazards exist – Your safety is your responsibility
  • Hours of Use – Daylight hours only

Report problems or offenders to:

  • Timber Lakes Security: 435-785-8764
  • Wasatch County Sheriff: 435-654-4111

Current Projects

(Barb and Jeff Meierhofer) Located off Raccoon Drive at the top of the development, over 2.5 miles of hiking and snowshoe trails. The trail cuts through the aspen and pine trees, alongside a beautiful stream and then crosses Danger Bridge over Lake Creek. Moose and deer are often present in the area. Benches will be added next to Lake Creek near the bridge in a secluded area to stop and take a pause or have a little lunch. Several loops add to the variety and enjoyment in this area.
(Dan Shroyer) 1.5-mile hiking trail, starts between lot #1307-1038 Beaver Bench Road on the west side of Timber Lakes. The hiking trail winds through the sage and oak trees, and has breathtaking views of the valley and Wasatch Mountains. Natural rock ledges and a maze through the trees make for interesting exploring.
 (Chris Bala) Next to the maintenance shed, a lovely picnic area on the lake, and a hiking trail around the lake will eventually continue up to Club House Road. The trail goes through groves of trees and near the seasonal stream that feeds the lake and makes for easy foot travel for all ages. 
(Monty Botosan and Josh Baresh) Located off Fir Run and Spring Creek Drive, lake trail, picnic area, great wildlife!
(Dave Read and Martha Gordon) Located between Hawk Lane, Eagle Drive and Fawn Way, easy access to launch a non-motorized boat, picnic, lake exploration and even sledding in winter.
(Mike Durr) Short hiking trail starts at the end of Clyde Lake Road, access to lake for non-motorized watercraft, picnic area to come. This area is being considered for a winter skating rink.
(Heidi Robertson) This family-friendly area will include a play area, nature trails, picnic spots. Under construction during 2012.
(Tom Metcalf) Hiking trail around beaver ponds and willow area connecting with Moose Trail North for longer excursions.
  • Dave Read volunteered to build our Recycling Center.
  • Jim Barton built/builds our kiosks.
  • Jamie Hagan is getting our common areas and trails mapped via GPS.
  • Jerry Hartshorn has donated time and talent to building benches.
  • Rees Falkner is helping us tap into the brains and brawn of our local scout troops.
  • Terrie Schultz and Bonny Armstrong have coordinated annual weed eradication and wildflower planting events.
  • Erin Kemp coordinated our first-ever community open house, which was attended by more than 150 people!
  • Al Katcher is just getting started on a project to beautify our gate area and minimize the “curb-non-appeal” created by our garbage area right next to our welcome gate.