OHV Guidelines

OHV (Off-Highway Vehicles) are an exciting way to explore our mountain home. Growth of this sport requires rider responsibility, including properly registering machines, learning and obeying OHV safety laws and rules, and sharing roads with other user groups.

Timber Lakes Estates has adopted rules mirroring the Utah state OHV laws. The Timber Lakes Board of Directors encourages adherence to state laws and may issue warnings and/or fines for those violating the law and Timber Lakes Estates rules.

Timber Lakes Estates requires permits for OHVs when driving on our roads. You can obtain Timber Lakes Estates OHV permits by submitting the completed form available at the link below

• In accordance with Utah law, no one under age 8 can operate an OHV in Timber Lakes Estates and on public land.
• In accordance with Utah law, all operators and riders under 18 are required to wear a helmet on Timber Lakes Estates roads and on public land.
• In accordance with Utah law, youths, 8-15 years of age, must possess and keep on their person an OHV education certificate when operating an OHV in Timber Lakes Estates and on public land.


The increase in OHVs and riders also increases the probability of injury. The following links and videos will assist you in becoming familiar with Utah OHV registration, permits, laws, rules, and safety education.

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