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Snowmobile stuff

The  snowmobile gate is now open. HOWEVER, please note the following: Access through the gate is restricted to Timber Lakes Owners and their accompanied guests. This means that you, the owner, have to be with them. "My Uncle in California is the owner and he told me I could do it" is not the same as accompanying your guests. There is not much snow. We have about 18 inches at the gate this evening. This means that there are lots of big rocks, posts, trees and other impediments. Please be cautious. Your snowmobiles must each have a current season Timber Lakes sticker affixed. If you have paid your assessments and any fines you may have incurred, in full, you, the owner, may purchase stickers for your snowmobiles at the security gate house or in the office. If your account is delinquent, you may not purchase stickers. If you are an owner, renting your snowmobiles, you must purchase a sticker for each rental machine. The speed limits in Timber Lakes apply to snowmobiles. Slow down. You can drive like a maniac when you are safely outside of the subdivision. Hundreds of thousands of your dollars have been spent this past summer by the Water Company (We are not the Water Company) laying pipe, installing fire hydrants and rebuilding miles of roads. We, the owners are paying for these improvements. Please do not allow your group to tear up the roads or try to drive through fire hydrants. There is NO PARKING anywhere in Timber Lakes except in your driveway, the parking lot at the office, and the small parking area at Duck Lake. The area at Duck Lake is for you to drop your snowmobiles trailers

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Roads closed to heavy traffic

Effective immediately, all Timber Lakes roads are closed to heavy traffic for the season. This means that vehicles in excess of 10,000 pounds will not be allowed into Timber Lakes. Propane delivery trucks are exempted from this provision, provided they are chained up. Package delivery trucks are also permitted to drive to the mailhouse. We will post a notice on the website when the roads are reopened in the Spring. Also, please be aware that roads are extremely icy and dangerous during the winter months. Conditions are more slick during the first several snowstorms than during the heart of the winter. Please slow down and use caution. 4-wheel drive or chains are required. We have already had several vehicles slide off the road. Don't let yours be the next one. You drive in Timber Lakes at your own risk; please don't put someone else at risk by not taking winter driving seriously. Gary, the Road Guy

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Roads to be closed

We are tentatively planning to close all Timber Lakes Roads to heavy construction traffic on Thursday, October 29. If the weather holds out, we may push this out a few more days. On the other hand, if we get winter weather earlier, we may have to close the roads sooner. The point is that we are fast approaching the closure to construction traffic of all roads in Timber Lakes for the winter. Please plan accordingly and thanks in advance for your cooperation. Gary, the Road Guy

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The Roads

The date for closing the roads in Timber Lakes to heavy trucks has been extended from Oct 15th to Oct 18th, 2009.  At that time we will evaluate if the 18th of October is the final day or if it may be extended.  Don’t plan on an extension. In the meantime, please use some common sense. For example, you cannot take a heavy truck up Blue Spruce in the rain. Without road base, the surface of Blue Spruce is slick, extremely muddy and dangerous. Thanks. Gary Road Guy

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Notice to all lot owners and construction companies

Timber Lakes will close it roads to construction traffic (any vehicle over 10,000 GVW) as of October 15, 2009. Please make appropriate plans when arranging for deliveries.  You never know what mother nature will do and it could still be sunny skies, but the road closure will still be in effect.  The roads will reopen to construction sometime in the spring. Many times in the past, lot owners have asked for exceptions to the closure and they say they are only going “just off the paved road” and we find them up on the east or west side at the top.  If we did not have so many people telling us one thing to get around the rules and then doing something else it would make it a lot easier for those that do abide by the rules.  It takes away the opportunity to give a variance on occasion because of a few that choose not to follow the rules. That is why we close “all roads” to heavy vehicles on October 15. You may see a dump truck enter Timber Lakes on occasion after the road closure date – that truck is delivering salt to the maintenance building that is used on the asphalt roads to melt ice. The road closure also does not apply to propane delivery trucks. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. Gary The Road Guy

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Road Update

Blue Spruce from Cottonwood to Green Briar is still closed and will be through the end of August.  Our road crew is making a major cut in the mountain side in an effort to improve the grade of Blue Spruce.  As of today, we have yet to complete the section between Green Briar and Cutoff Road.  This area is where the major cut into the mountain is taking place and that dirt is being moved down hill to the Blue Spruce – Cottonwood intersection.  We are raising that intersection several feet. At some point in this project we may have to close the intersection of Blue Spruce and Cottonwood.  If we do, we will route cars to Cottonwood via Red Willow. Please remember that there is a lot of road construction taking place all over the mountain and the speed limit on non-paved roads is 25 mph. The Board has recently authorized the issuance of citations to people speeding in Timber Lakes.  Don’t be one of the first to be issued a citation! And please remember, there is no parking on any of the roads in Timber Lakes. Even though some good citizen stole our No Parking sign, you will be issued a citation and may be towed if you park on the road. Drive Safe. Gary, The Road Guy

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Road update

Many lot owners have contacted me during the past few days, expressing concern about speeding drivers in Timber Lakes. Generally, cars, pickups, SUVs and ATVs are driving faster than the speed limit. Please make sure that everyone in your group is aware of the speed limits: 35 mph on paved roads and 25 mph on unpaved roads. If you have contracted with someone to work on your cabin or lot, please make sure that they know the speed limits. If we catch a contractor speeding here, we will not allow them to re-enter the security gate. We will give a contractor or visitor one warning. After that, they will be added to a list of drivers not allowed inside the gates. For those of us who travel Blue Spruce, starting next week, it will be closed between Cottonwood and Greenbriar for approximately 2-3 weeks. You will need to take the snow plow detour route until we open Blue Spruce back up. We are going to lower Blue Spruce by 12-15 foot cut on Blue Spruce, at the Cutoff Road intersection. At the same time, we will be raising Blue Spruce several feet at the Cottonwood intersection. These two improvements will make these intersections much safer to drive through and will hopefully reduce the difficulties of coming up along the snow plow plow detour route in the winter. Please SLOW DOWN as our road crew works in this area. Also please SLOW DOWN when you are passing by the water pipe constructions crews. Next item. This is the second notice to all lot owners that ATVs, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs and all other recreational offroad vehicles be registered with Timber Lakes. Owners only (not their guests, friends,

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Road Grating

The road grading is grating on someone's nerves. We received an anonymous fax at the Timber Lakes office today. The quality and font size of the document does not allow us to simply show you the fax here on the website. We have retyped it, exactly as we received it, complete with the original text and spelling. The content has not been edited in any way. May 18, 2009 Dear Timber Lakes Association: It is out of complete frustration that we write this letter to you. In all the years that we have lived in Timber Lakes, the roads have  never been in such poor condition. Unlike the letter that circulates once a month claiming that the roads are always taken care of, we have not seen a pot hole (some very deep), rut, deep crevices etc. filled or taken care of in three years. The roads we are talking about are Greenleaf, Acorn and Deer Creek roads. They haven't seen a grater or ANY fill dirt in the last three years. The roads are in horrible need of some fill dirt and grating. When it used to be done (years ago) it would take a day or so to smooth out the roads so they were drivable....that is doing all three in our area. We know there are a lot more, obviously. We realize your response to this will be that there are so MANY roads and they do the best they can. Our response to you would be that we have all driven around and we would suggest less time on the pricy landscaping of the Maintenance building and grooming around the ponds, and spend some time grating the roads. We pay just

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Road Update

The roads on both the East side and the West side of the mountain are open for construction traffic as of May 15, 2009. Please make sure if you are involved in a construction project that you have all the proper permits from TLPOA and Wasatch County. Security will ask the delivery truck drivers to provide lot information to them before they allow deliveries through the gate. Also, remember that all ATVs, UTVs, 4-wheelers, etc. need to have a current TLPOA permit (available at the office without charge to lot owners only). There is a lot of road construction going on as the water company lays new pipe