To the nice lady who left a nastygram on the answering machine, WE ARE NOT THE WATER COMPANY.  If you want to rant about the water company, please call them; we can’t help you. We are a customer of the water company, just like you.

For those of you who are still troubled by this concept, let me make it as simple as possible. Timber Lakes Property Owners Association (us) is NOT the Timber Lakes Water Company (them). Us is not them. Them is not us. We are different. We are not the same. We are the property owners in Timber Lakes. They are the water company. They deliver water. We do other stuff. We have a different name, address and telephone number than they do. If you need to talk to someone about water, your water bill, your water meter, the construction project being done by the water company, why you can’t water outside, water on your knees, watercress, water boarding, or anything else relating to water, call the water company at 435.654.0125 or go into their office at 190 North Main in Heber City. They are there. We, on the other hand, are here, in Timber Lakes. We are happy to talk to you about the stuff we do for the owners, which, by the way, does NOT include anything to do with water.

Gary Hume, a member of our Board of Directors, coordinates communication between our Board and the Board that governs the water company. Gary is not a consumer advocate for owners regarding their water problems. If you have a problem relating to water, you must contact the water company. Gary cannot and does not contact them for you. If you have a problem with the telephone company, you call the telephone company. You would not call Gary and ask him to call the telephone company for you. Likewise, you do not call Gary and ask him to contact the water company if your water bill is too high, or your water gets turned off, or you are mad at the water company because they dug up your road. You call the the water company yourself. You are their customer. They are nice people. They will listen to your concern and they will respond to you.

I am tempted to go on, but I am thirsty and am going to get a drink of water, for which I will receive a bill from the water company. I am tired and will probably regret writing this in the morning. If reading this makes you mad, please call the water company and ask them to fire me.

John Blickenstaff
For the Board of Directors of the
Timber Lakes Property Owners Association
(not the water company)