Notice to potential lot-combining owners:

There is an issue before the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association Board that questions the legality of combining lots in order to reduce the amount of assessments to be paid. The board at this time has an opinion from a law firm that the process of combining lots in the past for the purpose of reducing the lot assessment from two lots to one is not legal under the Association’s current governing documents. The board has not yet taken action on this issue as they are in the process of doing additional research and perhaps obtaining additional legal opinions. If you are getting ready to combine two lots into one for the purpose of lowering the assessments from two charges to one, you may want to re-evaluate and wait until the Board has made its final determination as to the legality of combining lots for the purpose of reducing assessments. The decision should be made in the next few weeks and will be based on direction from our legal counsel.

Timber Lakes Board, November 5, 2015


Legal Process
The legal process for a Timber Lakes owner to combine one or more contiguous lots is between the owner and Wasatch County. Contact Wasatch County to find out more about their requirements.

Timber Lakes Process
In order for the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association (TLPOA) assessments to reflect the combination of lots, the Timber Lakes property owner must comply with all three of the following requirements:

  1. Complete the legal process for combining lots with Wasatch County.
  2. Have the amended plat recorded with the County by December 15.
  3. Provide the TLPOA a copy of the owner’s recorded, amended plat from Wasatch County by December 15.

When the property owner has complied with all three of the preceding requirements, TLPOA assessments will reflect the lot combination beginning in the first calendar year following compliance.