The end of Board Alerts – the beginning of something better

Dear Board Alert Subscribers: Board Alerts We are pleased to announce that we are retiring our Board Alert email software. This is the last one you will receive. We are replacing this outdated system with a better one. We have been using the Board Alert software for more than 6 years and it has served us well. One of the problems with using Board Alerts is that we are unable to send emails to all of our owners because of technical problems arising from spammers. TOPS email alerts Along with our new management company, we have also initiated the use of TOPS community management software as our database of property owners. TOPS is the most commonly used management software for HOAs and POAs in the country. TOPS allows us to send email email to every owner for whom we have an email address and is much simpler to use than Board Alerts. There is no requirement to subscribe to the TOPS email alerts; if we have your email address, you will receive the alerts. If you do not wish to receive the alerts, you can simply unsubscribe following the instructions posted at the bottom of each alert. We have 723 subscribers to our old Board Alerts software. If you are a Timber Lakes property owner, you will automatically receive TOPS email alerts; you do not have to do anything. If you are not an owner, you will no longer receive our email alerts and if you wish to receive future email alerts, you will need to purchase property in Timber Lakes. The new email alerts will also be posted on our owners-only private website. They will no longer be posted on the public website. New

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Website Maintenance

The Timber Lakes websites will be offline this coming weekend for a few hours. We are moving the sites to a new server on Saturday, November 16, 2013, beginning at 1:00 AM Mountain Standard Time. We hope to have the sites back up and running by 6:00 AM that same morning. The good news is that after our sites are running on the new server, accessing and downloading information from Timber Lakes will be faster. If the HealthCare Exchange had the same backend technical whizzes as we do, it would be operational by now as well. Thank you for using TimberLakesUtah.com and the private, owners-only site. As always, if you have a suggestion for either of the sites, please email us. John Blickenstaff Webmaster Timber Lakes Property Owners Association

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Financial Information

Some of you have had difficulty getting into the private (owners-only) website. Until we can fix those problems, we are temporarily posting financial information on the public website. You can find that information on the Financial page under the tab labeled Important Info. You can also click here to access the Financial page directly. Thank you, John Blickenstaff Webmaster Timber Lakes Property Owners Association

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Website Update

Timber Lakes Subscribers: NOTE: This post is a long one. Too long. Most of you won't care about anything in it, but for those of you who do care, I hope this will shed some light on your website frustrations. I understand that several owners in the board meeting Wednesday in SLC expressed their general unhappiness with the new websites. I would like to report on the progress we have made with both of the websites and address your concerns. First of all, we currently have 732 subscribers to TimberLakesUtah.com. We appreciate each owner who has subscribed to our Board email alerts and the few of you who have emailed me with suggestions for improving our content. As you know, we migrated all of our subscribers and lots of owner information to the new public website during the second week in July 2013. In addition, we moved sensitive financial and other information from the public website to a new private website that may only be accessed by owners. Compounding all of this new development, we changed ISPs (Internet Service Provider) and are finalizing migrating our website to a new server. What this means for our owners is that we have a state-of-the-art, user-friendly, faster website. For the web development folks in the back room, it means we have a more feature-rich, more stable, quicker, more protected environment in which to share Timber Lakes information. It also means we have lots of headaches in the short run. While we have fixed the bugs in our public website, there are still a couple of serious shortcomings with the private website. The link to the private website from the public website is broken and some important information is still missing

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Road updates

One of the hottest topics on the mountain is our roads. We have added a new page to our website which will contain periodic updates about the roads and what projects are currently occupying the road crew. We hope this information is helpful to you. You can see the new page by clicking on the link below. If you have suggestions for this page, let me know. Enjoy the mountain. John Blickenstaff Webmaster Timber Lakes - Minutes away. A world apart. Click here to see the new Road Updates page. You can also find it under the Important Info tab at TimberLakesUtah.com.

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Subscribing to our blog

Over the past year, we have had intermittent trouble with Comcast blocking our owner subscriber list for owners using comcast.net (or Roadrunner) addresses. Currently, thanks to one of our owners, Dave Gangon, Comcast has lifted the block, but it has been lifted in the past, only to return within a few months. Recently, we contacted all of our owners that subscribed with a comcast.net or roadrunner address and asked them if they were willing to use an alternate address. About half of them provided us with an alternate. If you want to subscribe with a Comcast or roadrunner address, you may do so, but when Comcast blocks our email to you, you will need to work with them to remove the block. They will not respond to us. The reason they keep blocking us is two-fold. (1) In the past, another customer of the same company that hosts our website was a spammer and Comcast does not differentiate between clients of our hosting service. (2) One (or more) of our previous owners that subscribed to our email list got tired of receiving email from us. Rather than unsubscribe, he simply reported us to Comcast as spammers. They blocked our email to their customers three times last year, with the most recent block lasting several months before Dave Gangon got it removed this week. If you are subscribed to our list with a Comcast or Roadrunner address and don't need this hassle, you can change to an alternate email. Simply reply to this email, enter your alternate email address as the body of your message, and I will replace your Comcast address with your new one. I will confirm the change to you by email. If

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Spring might be here

We have several items to communicate to our fellow owners. Spring may have arrived this week. While we had three inches of snow fall on the upper mountain last weekend, we have now had our first run of warmer, dry days in several months. The road crew has been out addressing the very worst of the spring potholes on the main roads. The snow is gone from the lower mountain but the upper mountain is still hanging on to a foot or more, depending on the location of your lot. We encourage you to check on your property. We had a lot of snow this winter, and as I drove around the upper mountain today I saw some serious snow and ice-related damage, including crushed outbuildings, caved-in decks, sheared-off porch covers, downed trees, drainage-damaged driveways and flooding. I am aware of one flooded basement. If you did not come up here this winter, or haven't been here for a while, you need to inspect your property. A family of cougars was spotted on the west side recently. Cougars were seen in other locations earlier in the year. Take appropriate precautions with young children and dogs. There are many deer in the subdivision and on both roads through the valley from Heber City. Slow down and drive cautiously. The roads in Timber Lakes this time of year require slow, pothole-evading driving. Be patient and enjoy the fact that you are on the mountain and not in downtown Los Angeles. Noxious weeds in Timber Lakes are on the increase. You are responsible for controlling noxious weeds on your lot. The Association sprays for weed control only along the road right-of-way. The County can and will fine property owners

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February Board Meeting

Our regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 9 , 2011, at the Wasatch County Senior Citizen's Center, located at 465 East 1200 South in Heber City, Utah. Owners are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate.

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January Board Meeting

Our regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association will be held at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, January 12 , 2010, at the Wasatch County Senior Citizen's Center, located at 465 East 1200 South in Heber City, Utah. Owners are welcome to attend and encouraged to participate.

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Transfer of Electric Service

Property owners of records have recently received a written notice from Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) that it is petitioning the Public Service Commission of Utah (PSC), along with Heber Light & Power (HL&P), for permission to transfer electric service in Timber Lakes to HL&P. There is a substantial amount of information about this request on the PSC website. This information i