Timber Lakes Owners:

The woodpile is open for wood and tree branches/limbs only. At the end of the summer, we chip the woodpile for residents of Timber Lakes. The chips are spread in many areas of our community. It is critical that we do not spread weed seeds.

All weeds, construction materials, and nonorganic material should be taken to the Wasatch County Landfill on Hwy 189 (1891 W 3000 South) in Heber City. Each property owner receives three free trips each year. Check your Wasatch County Solid Waste Invoice for the timing this year. You need to present your invoice in order to receive your free waster transfer.

This year we will test separating probable firewood from rotten wood and limbs/branches. We hope this will keep the pile more manageable. Look for the signs, and be sure to fill in the forms for your wood clearing efforts with the forms provided on the entry signs.

Jeff Meierhofer for the TLPOA Board