We thank all owners who have worked to clear dead wood from your lots. We have collected a substantial amount of wood in the pile. Lance Excavating will be in Timber Lakes with their tub grinder on September 24, 2012, to chip the pile. Therefore, we are announcing we will close the woodpile for the year on Sunday, September 23, 2012. If you choose to remove wood from your lot after September 23, please take it out of the subdivision to dispose of it yourself. We do not allow any location to be used for wood collection during the fall and winter.

Also, as a reminder, any time you spend, or pay someone to spend, on clearing wood and undergrowth from your lot to make it less combustible will assist us in obtaining a grant from state agencies with which we can address fire breaks and other fire safety issues that affect common areas and Timber Lakes as a whole. Please turn your hours spent in to Martha at the office. Contact her with any questions.

Finally, thank you all for being careful and diligent regarding fire safety. Please continue to safeguard the mountain during this extremely dry summer. Fire danger in Timber Lakes continues to be very high and we appreciate the care everyone is taking to prevent fire.

Thank you.

Mike Durr
Timber Lakes POA
Common Areas, Fire and Government Relations