Now that the Holiday Season is past, I would like to plead with the certain group of our owners who leave stuff behind for the rest of us to pick up: Please clean up your own trash.

The garbage dumpsters by the mail house are for household garbage only. Every holiday, a few owners get ambitious and do some remodeling or repair work; they then bring their construction project trash to the dumpsters. They read all the dumpster signs that say “Household garbage only” and solve their problem by throwing all their non-complying trash on the ground. Some of them stack it neatly, hoping this will make everybody happy. It doesn’t work.

This year, a thoughtful owner threw an old water heater out there on the ground. Another owner left several boxes and buckets of old metal machine parts. In the past, we have had engine blocks, washing machines, furniture and lots of construction trash left on the ground next to the dumpsters. It appears that some owners believe that a magical trash-eating gnome pops out at night and devours all this stuff.

Do you know how the illegal trash is removed? Your fellow property owners pick it up and take it the Wasatch County Waste Disposal District, where they have to pay to get rid of it for you. This is not fair and we plead with the minority of you that are causing the problem to be considerate of the environment and your neighbors.

You can take large items to the County Waste Transfer Station at 1891 West 3000 South in Heber City. This includes things like washers, dryers, water heaters, couches, refrigerators, tree limbs, construction trash, etc. Generally, the only things they will not take are dirt, rocks, concrete or tree trunks.

Last week, every owner received an invoice that looks like a postcard from the Wasatch County Solid Waste Disposal District. This is the annual bill from the County for taking care of the dumpsters. On this card, in the lower left-hand corner, there are three cleanup punches. If you have this card with you, you can take three (3) loads of trash to the County Transfer Station free of charge, between April 1 and June 30. This is a good bargain and a great way to dispose of items that don’t go in the dumpsters.

Also, as you are well aware, during holiday weekends, we generate more household garbage than can fit in the dumpsters. We try to address this by making sure the dumpsters are empty at the beginning of the weekend, but the fact remains, they fill up before the County can get back here to empty them. When they are full, please DO NOT pile your garbage on the ground. The County does not pay any attention to stuff on the ground. Your fellow property owners have to pick it up and throw it in the dumpsters after you leave. If the dumpsters are full, please take your garbage with you. I know this may seem unfair to the entitled among us, but please be considerate. Your weekend retreat should not require your neighbors to cleanup your garbage because you are too important to bother with it.

Timber Lakes is a great place. Let’s work together to keep it that way.