Our neighbors at Heber Valley Camp opened the snowmobile gate today. Please stay between the trail markers when you ride through their property. They allow us to access the National Forest through their property, conditional on our not trespassing outside the trail markers. Also, you must have a current year Timber Lakes snowmobile sticker for each machine you are using. The office will be closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day so get your stickers now. We have approximately 15 inches of snow on the ground up on top and our road crew is doing an outstanding job of plowing the roads. If you come to snowmobile, please remember these things:

  1. You must have a current Timber Lakes snowmobile sticker
  2. Do NOT try to pull a trailer up or down Blue Spruce. It is too slick and you will endanger other drivers.
  3. The only parking in Timber Lakes is in your own driveway, in the parking lot by the office, and at Duck Lake. If you are parked anywhere else, your vehicle will be towed. We have towed vehicles every weekend since the snow came. Do yourself a favor and don’t park on the road.
  4. Once the parking areas are full, you must park somewhere legal in Heber Valley.
  5. Please do not try to drive in Timber Lakes in a 2-wheel drive vehicle when the roads are snow packed or icy.

I know this may sound like the Grinch is running the show here. Let me take this opportunity to thank the vast majority of owners who follow the rules and never cause a problem. This is a great place to live and/or recreate. Thanks for making it fun to be here, sharing the mountain.

John Blickenstaff