On behalf of your Board of Directors, thank you for contacting us with your concerns, questions and suggestions. Thanks to you who are volunteering to help us do things. Thanks to you who are coming to our meetings each month. We are listening and we value your input. The reason we are not moving quicker to address issues is that there are only nine of us. Nine people cannot possibly run the business affairs of the Association. If you are willing to help, please contact us; your assistance always makes things happen quicker.

I want to especially thank those of you quietly giving service: those who pick up the trash after the weekend crowd tosses it on the ground at the dumpsters, those who clean up the floor of the mail house, those who look out for their neighbors, those who comply with our CC&Rs, those helping us straighten out our address database, those who made the Annual Meeting happen, those who are volunteering to be on call with the First Responders. Thanks to everyone who contributes to the quality of life on the mountain.