The  snowmobile gate is now open. HOWEVER, please note the following:

  1. Access through the gate is restricted to Timber Lakes Owners and their accompanied guests. This means that you, the owner, have to be with them. “My Uncle in California is the owner and he told me I could do it” is not the same as accompanying your guests.
  2. There is not much snow. We have about 18 inches at the gate this evening. This means that there are lots of big rocks, posts, trees and other impediments. Please be cautious.
  3. Your snowmobiles must each have a current season Timber Lakes sticker affixed. If you have paid your assessments and any fines you may have incurred, in full, you, the owner, may purchase stickers for your snowmobiles at the security gate house or in the office. If your account is delinquent, you may not purchase stickers.
  4. If you are an owner, renting your snowmobiles, you must purchase a sticker for each rental machine.
  5. The speed limits in Timber Lakes apply to snowmobiles. Slow down. You can drive like a maniac when you are safely outside of the subdivision.
  6. Hundreds of thousands of your dollars have been spent this past summer by the Water Company (We are not the Water Company) laying pipe, installing fire hydrants and rebuilding miles of roads. We, the owners are paying for these improvements. Please do not allow your group to tear up the roads or try to drive through fire hydrants.
  7. There is NO PARKING anywhere in Timber Lakes except in your driveway, the parking lot at the office, and the small parking area at Duck Lake. The area at Duck Lake is for you to drop your snowmobiles trailers IF you cannot get to your driveway. Please don’t park your car or truck there. You cannot park at the vehicle maintenance building, or along the road anywhere, including the entrance area to the security gate. If you park where you are not supposed to park, you will be towed! Please be aware that we do not guarantee that we have a place for you to park if you are not in your own driveway. During the holiday season, we will not likely have sufficient parking for everyone who cannot get to their own driveway. If this is the case, you need to find your own legal parking outside of Timber Lakes.
  8. Pulling a trailer up or down Blue Spruce during the winter is prohibited. It is dangerous to try! Please don’t scoff at this just because you own a 4-wheel drive truck. People who ignore directive regularly block the road with a jack-knifed trailer. This causes your neighbors to generate intense negative feelings towards you. This happened today; please don’t be the cause of an accident or road block because you think this applies to everyone but you.
  9. We ask you to be considerate to our security team while you are here. If you get stopped and questioned, please be polite. If you have your stickers and are obeying the speed limit, your stop should be brief.

We hope you and your invited guests have fun in the winter weather at Timber Lakes.

    Gary Hume
    Your Road Guy