Many have asked about our winter snowplowing schedule. Timber Lakes has a full-time crew of two people who maintain the roads year-round. In the winter, the snowplow process is not dictated by an exact schedule. The first road to be plowed is the paved section referred to as the Dugway. This is paved portion of Lake Pines Drive. Generally, the second road to be plowed is Blue Spruce and the third is Ridgeline.

This schedule is always subject to change based on the amount and location on the mountain of snowfall.

As time permits and the main roads are cleared, the crew then plows side roads that feed into the above-mentioned roads. If the west side get more snow than the east side then we will work on that area first or if the east side (upper part of the mountain) gets more snow we will spend more time in that area at first.

Our crews are on a 40-hour week and we try to manage their time so they are available to work on the roads when Mother Nature decides to let it snow. We generally do not start plowing until there is at least 6 inches of new snow.

If you have additional questions about plowing, please check our website for updates during the winter months.

Please remember that snow removal depends on several things, including the amount of snowfall, where the snow falls, availability of equipment, availability of our 2-man crew and availability of funds.