We remind all owners that short-term rentals are illegal in Timber Lakes. In accordance with Wasatch County Code Section 11.08, “Property may be considered for use as a short-term rental only if (1) short-term rentals are specifically allowed in any CC&R’s which apply to the property, and (2) the property is located either in a zone in which short-term rentals are a permitted use or a conditional use or in a development for which a Development Agreement that has been lawfully approved by the County specifically authorizes short-term rentals.” Timber Lakes does not meet any of these requirements.

The Association will not knowingly aid owners in breaking this law, makes no warranties, and assumes no liability in conjunction with an individual owner’s illegal rental activity. Our attorney has advised us that short-term renters have no rights to access any of the common area, including roads. Effective immediately, short term-renters will not be granted access to Timber Lakes. In the event of a renter being observed on TLPOA common area property, owners should immediately contact the Wasatch County Sheriff and TLPOA Security. The property owner will be cited each day that the renter remains on the property by the Wasatch County Sheriff. Any damages committed or incurred by a renter in conjunction with illegal rental activity are the sole responsibility of the renter and the individual property owner.

Any owner who has questions regarding this issue can contact any board member or the Wasatch County Attorney’s Office directly. Please consult the entire text of the ordinance, as rentals other than short-term are permitted.