The summer has been relatively quiet. There are no trespass violations reported as yet this quarter, and no cabin break-ins. There have been numerous reports of dog leash violations and incidents involving pellet guns. Please remember that in order for the Heber Valley Animal Control or the Sheriff’s department to respond to this type of incident, there must be a complaining witness who will actually sign the complaint. Asking our security employee to call and provide a second hand account of the incident to law enforcement is not sufficient. If you witness an illegal act, please  call the Wasatch County Sheriff’s Dispatch directly.

We are still looking for applicants to fill full and part time positions at the Timber Lakes gate. If you are interested, please contact the office for an application. If you have any questions about what the position entails, please call Craig Allen directly. We would prefer to hire from within the community before we start hiring from outside Timber Lakes. We are also working on a service response guide for Timber Lakes Security. As soon as this is complete and we are fully staffed again, we will communicate to all owners though our website.

We have had some complaints about speeders. Please do your part by obeying the speed limit. If you witness someone speeding in Timber Lakes, get their license plate number and contact Craig Allen.

We spoke briefly during the annual meeting about short-term rentals. We have discussed this with the County Attorney and have had initial discussions with the Sheriff’s Office. The County will enforce the law, and we are working with the Sheriff to determine what type of evidence will be required in order to prosecute a successful case. While we are waiting to hear from the County on the next steps, residents can help by identifying rental properties. If you are aware of a short term (less than 30 day duration) rental, please call or email that lot number to any board member. We are currently aware of only 25 or so properties that fall in this category.

Thanks for helping us keep things safe in Timber Lakes.