This is just a friendly reminder to be safe if you plan to spend the holiday weekend in Timber Lakes. Many of our roads are blocked off because of the water pipe construction project. Watch for detour signs and slow down. Westview is completely blocked and if you need to access the other side of the block, you will need to drive across a two-track trail off the Heber Valley Girls Camp road. Although the roads have recently been maintained, the heavy construction traffic has quickly contributed to their deterioration. Please obey the speed limits and slow down for pedestrians. There will be increased traffic this holiday weekend so you will need to drive on the appropriate half of the road. If you are planning to ride ATVs in the development, please stay on the maintained roads; everywhere else is private property. The State of Utah requires anyone under the age of 18 on an ATV to be wearing a helmet. Your ATVs will need a Timber Lakes sticker, which we are only issuing to owners. The rain this spring has created a lot of new growth which will increase the fire danger. Please remember that open fires and fireworks are not allowed anywhere in Timber Lakes. There is no hunting allowed here. The teenagers who have been hunting with compound bows in the development are being sought by the Utah DNR. If you know who they are, or see them, please contact Security. We hope everyone will slow down and enjoy the mountain. We wish you a happy 4th and hope you are happy to be living in America.