On August 25, 2008, I met with two representatives from the State Dept of Public Utilities and six employees of Rocky Mountain Power. We were also joined by a Timber Lakes owner, Ron Hazard. The meeting came as a result of complaints filed by myself, Ron Hazard and LaMar Hadley regarding the quality of electrical power coming into Timber Lakes.

I learned some interesting things in the meeting:

  1. Our electricity is generated by Heber Lighting & Power.
  2. Rocky Mountain Power is simply a customer of HP&P, purchasing the power and reselling it to Timber Lakes.
  3. HL&P does not want to sell directly to us as they would have to service the mountain as well.
  4. The State Department of Utilities has no control or influence over HL&P; they are only involved with publicly owned utility companies. HL&P is owned by Heber City.
  5. If you have a power outage in Timber Lakes, Rocky Mountain Power has no way of knowing unless you call them.
  6. They want you to call on every outage, even if it is a temprorary 3-5 second outage. This allows them to track the frequency of the problems and gives them data about which they can go to HL&P and request repairs and improved engineering.
  7. Do not call HL&P; we are not their customers and they have made perfectly clear they do not care about Timber Lakes, except to collect cash from us through Rocky Mountain Power.
  8. Rocky Mountain Power is attempting to work with HL&P on our behalf. In my opinion, they are doing a good job in this area.

If you have a power outage, please call Rocky Mountain Power at 877.548.3768 to report it.

John Blickenstaff