Summer was way too short for the many projects we identified to do and winter is just around the corner. As those of you with property on the upper part of the mountain may have noticed, we have removed the brush and some trees at the corner of Blue Spruce and Cut Off Road (or Club House as some may know it). Many of you have called me and asked about the “big drop off.” Our road crew is in the process of widening Cut Off Road, along with reducing the steepness of the slope at this intersection. This intersection is probably the worst one on the mountain. This part of the road has always had very steep sides and has always been dangerous but no one ever knew just how much it dropped off there until we removed the brush. Most of the fill dirt for this project is being moved from the new building site where we are making room for the driveway and parking area.

Some of you may have noticed that there are big cement boxes along some of the roads – these cement boxes are going to be put in the ground and connected to the culvert that runs under the road. These boxes will help keep dirt from filling up the pipe and will prevent trucks from crushing the end of the culvert. This will improve the drainage water flowing down the bar ditches.

Some have asked about our paving plans. We are not paving anything this year and perhaps not next year. Asphalt has jumped in price just like the gas for your car because it is an oil-based product. One of the reasons we will hold off for at least one year is that it costs so much to mobilize a paving crew. If you have, only so much money you end up spending it on the mobilization of the equipment and then have very little left to pay for actual pavement. This is why we have elected to hold off and try to have money saved from one year to the next so we can pay one mobilization fee and have more funds available to pave a longer stretch of road.

Questions have been asked about street signs and why have so many disappeared. Good question. Why someone would want to take our street signs? We have identified all that are currently missing and will be ordering them in the next few days. Additional speed limit signs are also being ordered and placed on each road. Just as a reminder, the speed limit is 25 mph on the paved roads, 20mph on the non-paved roads, and 15 mph on all corners. Please remember these limits apply to every vehicle, including ATVs. Your help in enforcing the limits is always appreciated.

As I have previously noted on the Board Blog ( the snow route will consist of the main roads being plowed first and then the secondary roads next. Many have asked, “What about my road?” As time and money allows, we will get to most of the roads in reasonable time. We will always plow the Dugway first, then Blue Spruce and Ridgeline. After that, we will work the other roads as we can. Mother nature will dictate what part of the mountain is plowed first. We have two full-time road employees and they are on overtime after 40 hours – so we try to use their time wisely.

For any question you have about the roads and road projects please email me at

A point of clarification – I attend the Water Board meetings on behalf of the TLPOA Board, I am not the Water Company!

I look forward to your comments and questions.

Gary Hume
The Road Guy