Effective immediately, all Timber Lakes roads are closed to heavy traffic for the season. This means that vehicles in excess of 10,000 pounds will not be allowed into Timber Lakes. Propane delivery trucks are exempted from this provision, provided they are chained up. Package delivery trucks are also permitted to drive to the mailhouse. We will post a notice on the website when the roads are reopened in the Spring.

Also, please be aware that roads are extremely icy and dangerous during the winter months. Conditions are more slick during the first several snowstorms than during the heart of the winter. Please slow down and use caution. 4-wheel drive or chains are required. We have already had several vehicles slide off the road. Don’t let yours be the next one. You drive in Timber Lakes at your own risk; please don’t put someone else at risk by not taking winter driving seriously.

Gary, the Road Guy