Dear Timber Lakes Residents:

As the weather changes, the autumn leaves fall and winter begins to settle in, I want to take some time and update the residents of Timber Lakes about the “winter plan.” The road crew assisted by Gordon Huetter and me has spent early mornings, late nights, long days and worked weekends to prepare the Timber Lakes roads for the upcoming winter season.

The roads that have been graded, prepped and readied for winter thus far are listed below. However, please understand that these roads will still be maintained and graded a few more times before the ground actually hardens to the point that that our road crew can no longer grade until spring.  The roads listed are the main arteries or side roads that branch off of the main roads.

Grove Ln                    Deer Run                      Green Leaf                        Birch

Beaver Bench            Witt Circle                   Lake Pines                        Blazing Star              

Oak View                   Cottonwood Ln          Upper Blue Spruce        Columbine

West View                 Tree Top                       Forget-me-not                Buck Way

Ridgeline                   Timber Lakes Dr        Raccoon  

As winter sets in and the road department prepares for any and all conditions it is pertinent to reassure the residents of Timber Lakes that we will do our best to plow the roads regularly and consistently.  The road crew has worked on maintaining all of the equipment for this winter and are confident that the equipment is ready to rock and roll.

Our winter plan states that both the west side (Ridgeline) and east side upper mountain will be plowed after every storm.  Four road personnel will plow at the same time. This will provide the maximum assistance to getting the roads cleared so that families with children can catch the school bus and those who work early can make it off the mountain.  It is our goal to keep the main arteries clear so that your travel is as safe as we can make it.

With the new winter plan in place the residents of Timber Lakes can expect the roads to be plowed after a storm, chips used for icy road conditions and road signage replaced for better visibility where needed.  The road crew will be working on a rotating on-call schedule for storms rolling in.

All owner vehicles will need to have 4-wheel drive and/or chains during the winter months. Please be careful on the roads. The past few days have reminded us how treacherous the roads can be when they are icey.

No heavy equipment or vehicles over 10,000 lbs. will be allowed into Timber Lakes during the winter. Likewise, no trailers hauling construction materials, equipment, lumber etc. are allowed in the roads.

There are still a few ditches to be cleaned out, culverts to be cleared and rip rap to be put in before the winter actually sets in.  Please be patient with our road crew as they are working hard every day to maintain the roads. They are still taking on projects, completing work orders and trying their best to take on a very demanding schedule.

As you all know there is a chip pile now available to all residents of Timber Lakes (not to be hauled off the mountain).  I am once again volunteering to load up owners with as many chips as you would like. I will will be at the chip pile this Thursday, November 07 with the loader ready from 9:00 am until noon.  Please take advantage of this service.

If any property owners need to contact me about roads or any issues or suggestions pertaining to TL roads please contact me via email at marinis@hoaliving.com.

I will also be here in Timber Lakes during heavy winter storms to assist the road crew with plowing and maintaining the roads.

By the way, I post regular road updates on the website. See the recent ones here.

Thank you,

Marini Selu, Jr.
General Manager – TLPOA
Mobile: 435-503-4689