Road Updates

Timber Lakes has approximately two miles of paved road and more than 30 miles of gravel road. We strive to maintain these roads and commit a significant portion of our budget to do so. From time to time we will provide you with an update on what we are doing to maintain and improve the roads. You can find our most recent updates here.


March 13, 2020

We are starting to see signs of spring, but we know there will be several more storms requiring road plowing before it turns green again.

The road crew has plowed and salted the asphalt many, many, times this winter. The roads are currently plowed and sides have been pushed back in readiness for the next storms. The road crew has repaired equipment, installed new cutting edges on the plows, fixed chains on trucks, and completed repairs on both the blower and the groomer.

The snowmobile trail has been groomed on a regular basis and we have had a much better adherence of people staying on the groomed right of way to access the forest service property. The road crew has also groomed the sledding hill which has been a great success this winter, with adults, as well as children, enjoying the activity.

We have built a new covered salt containment area at the maintenance building, so it doesn’t get moisture, freeze, and clump up. This makes it better for the spreader to evenly apply the salt.

We are making plans for the spring asphalt projects and getting bids to see what will work in the schedule. The plans this year are to asphalt where we left off last year on Lake Pines, to the top of the hill at Spring Creek, and also asphalting the short lower section of Blue Spruce that didn’t get done last year. We have experienced great results with the pavement on Blue Spruce this year, resulting in a much safer travel experience on this road.

We widened Blazing Star in late November in the effort to direct the snowmobile traffic off of Blue Spruce onto Green Briar and then up Blazing Star as an alternate route for the snowmobiles. This has worked very well. The bypass has been groomed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on usage.

I can’t count how many times the road crew has had to repair the guard gate arms from people destroying them. Deliberately breaking off the arms is a senseless act of vandalism, paid for by all of us.

Thank you to Cameron, Woody, Bret, and Ken for all their hard work and dedication, working long hours, weekends, and holidays.

For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
Gordon Huetter

February 13, 2019

We are currently negotiating with the new property owner of the Bonnie Parkinson trust area, it is the property next to the LDS Church camp property. He has built a fence next to the Church property blocking our access. He has allowed us to take down his fence and use the current snowmobile access through his property. He is not willing to give us a long-term commitment at this time, but only a one-year agreement. Please, please stay within the marked bounders, so we can prove we are good neighbors and he will continue to allow us this access. Please police your guests when using this area. We do not want to lose this access for snowmobiling.

The crew has been busy removing snow from the roads, utilizing our graders, trucks, pickup truck, and snow blower. They work hard to keep the roads open but we still need you to drive safely.

Thank you for taking a little extra time to be equipped with the right tires, chains and vehicles up here in the winter. When someone shows up with inadequate tires and no 4-wheel-drive, they quickly become dangerous, not only to themselves, but to others. Be safe. Be smart. Come prepared. Slow down. Enjoy.

For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
Gordon Huetter

November 3, 2018

The weather is starting to close us down for our summer/fall road work season. All the equipment is being readied for the winter with wing blades, plows, and chains. We have purchased a brand new six-wheel-drive road grader, with a plow, wing blade, and a new option that has a roller/compactor on the rear of the grader. This new grader is doing an excellent job of maintaining the roads and we are very pleased with its performance. We have retained the old grader and will be using it to plow mid-mountain and the west side as needed. This new approach will give us a better option to push the roads wider than the plow trucks were capable of and it gives the availability to use the wing blade to push the snow up and over the banks. We will use the two plow trucks for plowing the asphalt; one will be readied with salt and the other with chips, for those slippery conditions.


Our new grader at the shop


New grader with the rear roller attachment & wing blade

We have added a chip seal coat to the new section of asphalt on Lake Pines, that was replaced last year. The new seal coat gives us a new wear surface and helps to prolong the life of the asphalt by resealing all the sections that were laid. We have also had the asphalt repaired in two areas where it was failing on the lower portion of Lake Pines. All the asphalt has been restriped for safety. The road crew has cleaned culverts, redressed the sides of the asphalt and cleared bar ditches.

I am excited to report that after more than six years of working to get an agreement put together to create a emergency exit out of the top of the mountain, that we have finally received notification that Wasatch County, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Heber Valley Girls Camp), and the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association, have all signed the documents to have this new exit created. Wasatch County will fund the entire project and they have five years make it happen. Many thanks go to Jim Kaiserman, Wasatch County Surveyor and Jeremy Hales, Wasatch County Emergency Management Director, for their efforts to push this project through the County. Mr. Kaiserman has researched old rights of way that the County had with many different land owners and was able to negotiate an agreement to the satisfaction of all parties. This new 20-24-foot-wide road will only be an emergency exit, no four wheelers or side by sides will be permitted to sue it for recreation. We will continue to have a snowmobile exit through the Church property. When the new road is completed the snowmobile exit will be on this new County road. This agreement is just with the Church and the County is still working with the other property owners to procure the rights for the other sections of the road needed to connect with the County’s existing road.

Winter is a time to pay special attention to the vehicles and equipment that you bring into Timber Lakes. Snow tires or chains are required on all Timber Lakes roads. I recommend getting studded snow tires for your vehicles. I have found after 30+ years of driving these roads that studded snow tires are far superior to so called all season tires, especially when the tire begins to wear down. I also suggest four-wheel drive or all wheel drive, for better traction. Please remember, during the winter we do not allow any two-axle trailers up the mountain. Please park all trailers at Duck Lake and remember to get a parking permit from Security.

Thank you for taking a little extra time to be equipped with the right tires, chains and vehicles up here in the winter. When someone shows up with inadequate tires and no 4-wheel-drive, they quickly become dangerous, not only to themselves, but to others. Be safe. Be smart. Come prepared. Slow down. Enjoy.

For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
Gordon Huetter

December 13, 2017

I want to thank Ken Horne, mountain manager, Cameron Broadhead, supervisor, Bret Peterson and Woody Linton, the road crew, for all the hard work they have given to the Association this year. Their efforts to maintain and improve the roads and the development don’t go unnoticed. Their work is greatly appreciated.
The road crew has graded most of the roads in the development. They are continually cutting down fallen trees that end up in the roadway. They have cleaned culverts and recut bar ditches. They have readied all the equipment for the winter season, adding chains, wing blades, plows, and sanders to the trucks and grader. They have added three new culverts with boxes on Blue Spruce to help with the spring runoff. They have added rotomill asphalt to Ridgeline to cap off the road surface. The sides of the asphalt have been dressed up with new road base. They have installed two new safety signs on Deer Creek and speed limit signs on the upper mountain. The asphalt has been striped for improved safety on the mountain. The crew has stock piled salt and chips for the winter season. They have painted, labeled, and filled chip barrels and placed them on the mountain for your use.

All regular maintenance items on the equipment are done in-house and many repairs are also taken care of by our road crew, which has saved the Association hundreds of dollars.

Please obey all speed limit signs. All gravel roads are 25 miles per hour, and that includes all snowmobiles and ATVs.

We have added new regulations to the Policies and Procedures regarding snow removal. Here are those regulations, taken from the official Policies and Procedures:

7. Snow Removal: The removal of snowfall and accumulated snow on individual Lots, including driveways is the responsibility of the lot owner. The Association has no responsibility to remove snow from any part of a Lot, including driveways or walkways. Lot owners may determine the method and frequency of removing snow on their own Lot, so long as such method or frequency complies with the requirements in this section. Lot Owners shall not push, move or pile snow onto any Road maintained by the Association or onto any neighbor’s Lot. Lot Owners shall confine accumulated snow to their own Lot or, after receiving permission of such neighbor. Lot Owners may not allow snow from their Lot to accumulate on any road maintained by the Association, however snow may be pushed across the road if the Owner has permission to leave the snow on the other side.

By the way, you can view the entire Policies and Procedures document by clicking here ==> Policies and Procedures

Winter is a time to pay special attention to the vehicles and equipment that you bring into Timber Lakes. Snow tires or chains are required on all Timber Lakes roads. I recommend getting studded snow tires for your vehicles. I have found after 30+ years of driving these roads that studded snow tires are far superior to so called all season tires, especially when the tire begins to wear down. I also suggest four-wheel drive or all wheel drive, for better traction. Please remember you cannot bring any two-axle trailers up the mountain. Please park all trailers at Duck Lake. Remember to get a parking permit from Security.

Thank you for taking a little extra time and spending a little money to bring the right tires, chains and vehicles up here in the winter. When someone shows up with inadequate tires and no 4-wheel-drive, they quickly become dangerous, not only to themselves, but to others. Be safe. Be smart. Come prepared. Slow down. Enjoy.

For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
Gordon Huetter

May 31, 2017

We are finally turning the corner for the season and things are drying out all over on the mountain. As of May 30, the entire mountain is now open for construction vehicles in the development.

Our crew drives the roads daily to check for any problems. We will be grading the main roads on a weekly basis.

The following are projects that we have finished or will be starting:

  • We spot patched areas on the asphalt that potholed during the winter/spring thaw cycles and graded out areas on the roto- milled sections that have washboard or pot hole problems.

  • We cut up and removed trees that fell into the road.

  • We applied mag-chloride to Timber Lakes Drive and the bottom section of Blue Spruce.

  • We will apply additional mag-chloride on Blue Spruce from Green Briar on up, on June 15.

  • We have cleaned out culverts on Fir Run, Tanglewood and Birch.

  • We graded Timber Lakes Drive and Deer Creek the week of April 17.

  • We applied new road base on Timber Lakes Drive and Lake Pines Drive.

  • We graded Blue Spruce, Raccoon, Elk, Buck Way, Hawk and Violet on May 10.

  • We will spot dump on roads that need additional road base.

  • We will start of the resurfacing of Lake Pines Drive on June 26. Epic Engineering has completed core testing all along Lake Pines, where the asphalt is deteriorating. The findings from the core test showed incorrect base material and improper compaction to be the cause of the failing section. We will resurface from Cedar Bark to just before Spurwood (at the bottom of the swell). The roadwork design calls for milling the existing asphalt and the underlying road base to a depth of approximately 9 inches. Once the old material is removed, the subgrade will be compacted and a geotextile fabric will be laid down. The mixture of millings from the old asphalt and the road base will be placed and compacted on top of the geotextile fabric to a depth of 7 inches, followed by a 4-inch hot mix asphalt layer. Staker Parson provided the best of the five bids that were submitted, with the cost coming in at $290,946. We will identify detours around the area while this project is underway, but they will try to leave one lane open as they work.

  • We have budgeted to apply a chip seal to the existing old sections of asphalt that are not being replaced. This will seal all the cracks and provide a new wear surface for the road.

  • We will also be adding a section of asphalt on Blue Spruce at the intersection of Deer Creek, where we have a very steep section on a curve. We hope this will provide a better surface without washboards.

  • For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Heutter

    December 14, 2016

    In September the road crew was busy getting everything taken care of before our winter weather set in. They worked on the 40 acres of open space, we call Coyote Gulch. They grubbed, chipped trees, piled brush, added waddle, spread grass seeds, and prepped an area for sleigh riding. We hope to see a good accumulation of snow this year, so this can be used for a great sledding hill for the kids. A big thanks to Dave Told, the new open space chairman, who brought up his own equipment to help in this project.

    In October, the road crew continued to fix the gate arms, with people thinking lifting the gate arms doesn’t do any damage, but again it was broken too many times to count. Come on people, please meet your guests at the gate or call down and let your guests in. We do have cameras on this area and when you are identified, you will have to pay for the damage done and fines can be levied.

    The road crew ditched along Blue Spruce and Raccoon up to the top of the mountain. They also finished bar ditch work from Raccoon to Aspen.

    We had a problem with cows in the upper end of the development and they were herded off the mountain by the road crew a couple of times. Eventually the owner came and loaded them up.

    The wing blade and plow were installed on the grader and are now in use. New lights were installed on the dump trucks. The old salt was broken up and tarp put back on in order to ready it for winter weather. We have worked on the groomer to ready it for the season. We have purchased a new-to-us used loader with a front mounted blower on it, to replace the old blower. The new loader can be used in the summer on projects and not just for winter snow blowing, so we will have dual usage of the equipment. New chains have been purchased and installed on the loader, grader and backhoe.

    In October, we watered, graded and rolled:

    Buck Way
    Blazing Star
    Rock Cress
    Cliff Rose
    Falcon Court
    Badger Court
    Greenbrier Way
    all the west side, and
    Timber Lakes Drive

    The road crew has been busy installing all the winter road signs on the mountain. They have winterized the water truck and it has been taken to Par 1 for storage.

    The road crew loaded many loads of recycle material and garbage and hauled it off to the Curb It recycling facility and the County solid waste landfill to remedy problems left when ARW refused to continue picking up our recycle waste. ARW said there was too much garbage thrown in with the recyclables and they didn’t want to have to sort and haul off all the refuse left by people who just couldn’t police themselves. ARW has to pay $36.00 a ton to the County, in order to have the garbage hauled off from their facility, because it wasn’t recycle material. The recycle area has been fenced off and shut down. No one in the County will service our recycle maerials any longer. If you want to recycle you can take your items to Curb It at 665 West 100 South, Heber.

    Remember there is no sleigh riding on Blue Spruce, Lake Pines or Ridgeline Drive.

    Snowmobile stickers can be purchased at the office for you and your guests. No access is given through the Church Camp without a sticker. Please remember that you need to accompany your guests if you are leaving the development through the LDS Church Camp. Please stay on the designated area through the Church property and please respect that they have given us the right to go through their property. That that right can be taken away if we abuse it.

    Neither you, nor your hired snow removal provider, may plow or blow snow onto the Timber Lakes roads from your driveway. If you leave snow in the road, you can be fined. Leaving snow in the road can cause accidents and slide offs from the impediment that can result. It also narrows the road and can cause difficulty passing another vehicle. Also, if you salt your driveway and it runs onto the road and causes damage to the gravel road you may have to pay for the damage.

    Finally, we remind everyone that studded snow tires and 4-wheel drive are the safest means by which to travel our roads during the winter months. Please, please, slow down and take your time. Many accidents can be prevented by just watching our speed.

    For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Huetter

    September 24, 2016

    The road crew has been busy getting everything taken care of before our winter weather sets in. They have been working on the 40 acres of open space we call Coyote Trail. They have grubbed, chipped trees, piled brush, added waddle, spread grass seeds, and have prepped an area for sleigh riding. We hope to see a good accumulation of snow this year so this can be used. A big thanks to Dave Told, our new Open Space Chairman, who brought up his own equipment to help in this project.

    The road crew have completed several roads with roto-milled asphalt:

    Tree Top Lane
    Clyde Lake
    the intersection at Blue Spruce and Deer Creek.

    These go along with the already completed roto-milled areas of Acorn Way, Greenleaf Road and a section of Deer Creek. They have added or replaced two culverts at Buck Way and one at Ridge Pine.

    In the last two weeks, we have watered, graded, and rolled the following roads:

    Timber Lakes Drive
    West View Drive
    Ridge Line Drive
    Oak View
    Cottonwood Ct
    Grove Lane
    Beaver Bench
    Timber Lakes Drive
    Deer Creek
    Lake Pines
    Blue Spruce
    Rock Crest
    Raccoon Drive
    Buck Way
    Hawk Lane
    Elk Drive
    Forget Me Not
    the hills on Blazing Star
    Cottonwood Lane
    Green Briar Way

    Our road crew have spent many hours replacing the gate arms and repairing the gate, because we have some people who think they don’t need to buy a remote and/or just try to piggyback through the gate and break the gate arms. Our assessments pay for gate arms and man hours to fix them and funds are being wasted by these people who don’t think they need to follow the rules.

    The asphalt repair we have planned will be delayed until spring. The core tests and reports came in so late that there wasn’t time for it to go out to bid and get done before we come up against bad weather.

    Please remember that October 15 is the cutoff date for any heavy equipment on Timber Lakes roads. We will take it on a day-by-day basis after that, depending on the weather conditions. Please contact Ken or Cameron for access.

    Finally, we remind everyone that studded snow tires and 4-wheel or all-wheel drive are the safest means by which to travel our roads during the winter.

    For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Heutter

    July 8, 2016

    The road crew started the summer with new improvements to our chipping pile, moving it out of our parking lot and creating a new area by Jones Lake. We feel this will aid in opening up our parking lot at the office, cutting down on congestion there at holiday times and also placing it in a less visible area. The road crew made a bigger parking area at Jones Lake, added road base and chips, pushed back rock piles and leveled out the area so it can now be used. They also added road base on our main parking area at the office to repair the damage done from the chipping pile.

    We want to welcome our newest employee Kevin Meyer. Kevin started about two months ago. He lives in Heber City and brings a wealth of experience to our road crew.

    We have watered, graded, and rolled the following roads: Raccoon, Violet Way, Cliff Rose, Marigold, Columbine, Rock Cress, Pine, Forget Me Not Lane, Maple, Birch, Blazing Star, Buck Way, Hawk Lane, Blazing Star, White Pines, Cottonwood Lane, Blue Spruce, Timber Lakes Drive, Ridge Pine, Tree Top, Tree Top Circle, Spurwood, Cedar Hollow, Deer Creek, Ridge Line Circle, Ridge Line, Deer Run, Acorn, Tree Top, Cedar Bark, Green Leaf, Fir Run, White Pines, Tanglewood, Spring Creek, Red Willow, West View, Beaver Bench, Cottonwood Court (south), Cottonwood Court (north) Ridge Line, Grove Lane, and Green Briar Way. You can see we have done the entire mountain and many of the roads have been done multiple times.

    We have instituted a new policy that when a road needs a new overlay of road base, instead of using road base, we will substitute roto-milled asphalt. We feel this holds up better than the road base, creates less potholes, helps mitigate the dust issue, and over time needs less grading, rolling, and watering. This translates into less man-hours to maintain and less wear and tear on equipment. It costs a little bit more per ton than road base, but we feel the benefits outweigh the additional cost and may even save money in the long run. We have cut down on some of our costs as well, by using our own truck for hauling on small projects.

    We have extended the roto-milled asphalt on Ridgeline and have completed new sections on Acorn Way, Green Leaf, and part of Deer Creek. The plan is to do the entire mountain as funds become available, so this is a work in progress. We are also looking to cap the roto-mill with magnesium chloride to help bind the material together.

    We have started the process to begin the overlay of asphalt on Lake Pines from about Cedar Bark to about 500 feet before Spurwood, approximately 3,900 feet or about 3/4 of a mile. We have hired Epic Engineering to oversee this project. They have done core testing and provided an analysis of what needs to be done. They have taken in to account edge cracking, wheel path longitudinal cracking, potholes, thermal cracking, shoulder drop off, and asphalt failure. They will be starting with repairs in some areas and then a polypropylene filament nonwoven fabric (or something similar) on top, before the new 3″ of asphalt will be laid. We are still evaluating different manufactures and products to see what will work best for our road.

    Thanks to Cameron Broadhead, Woody Linton, Kevin Meyers, and Ken Horne for all the hard work and commitment they provide Timber Lakes. We applaud their efforts on our behalf.

    Last, but not least, we mourn the passing of Rich Welsh. Rich was a long-time, dedicated employee and he is missed. We express appreciation for his service to Timber Lakes.

    For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Heutter

    February 9, 2016

    The four-day storm during Christmas week had our road crew and mountain manager working long days with very little sleep, just to keep up. The crew barely arrived home and got into bed and they were called out to plow more roads. They worked 58 hours in 3½ days. Thank you Ken, Cameron, Rich and Woody, we appreciate all your hard work and dedication.

    The road crew regularly drives the roads and checks to see how much snow is on the raods and whether they are in good condition, need widening, are melting down and need cleared again, or if we wait until the next storm to plow. We generally plow the roads, then go back and push the banks back in between storms, to allow room to push the next load of snow.

    We have done a lot of maintenance on the equipment, including repairing and welding chains, welding on the dump truck, adding a caution light on the grader, replacing wiper blades, repairing the breaker box on the groomer, fixing hydraulic leaks, servicing the motor on the blower, changing oil and oil filters, repairing the wing arm on the grader, welding a metal post for the camera at the gate, and replacing a block heater on the Ford. Our crew also keeps the shop and equipment cleaned and organized. We are lucky to have employees who have the skills needed to keep everything in working order.

    Just a safety reminder: There is absolutely NO sleigh riding on Blue Spruce, Ridgeline or Lake Pines. We do not encourage any sleighing on any road in Timber Lakes. These are very busy roads and it is extremely dangerous to mix children and vehicles. We do not want any accidents to occur because you think your children need a play area in the middle of the road.

    We still plan to leave small snowstorms to pack on the roads and only plow when we get at least 5-6 inches of snow. There are times when the snow will not pack and we are forced to plow down the loose snow and move it off the road. We want to be able to have people drive to and from their homes safely, but remember always carry chains and know how to use them. Four-wheel drive and studded snow tires are highly recommended. You are responsible to inform your guests about the need to have appropriate vehicles and equipment to travel on our roads during the winter.

    Snowmobile access across the LDS Church Camp property is a luxury not a right. If people continue to go outside the marked trail and trespass this luxury can be taken away from Timber Lakes. Please inform your guests and family that we have a contract with the Church Camp that can be canceled at any time. If you refuse to obey the no trespassing signs, this luxury will be taken away from us. You will no longer have access out the upper end of the development and you will have to go out the front gate and up the County road or trailer your snowmobiles over to the County road. Four wheelers are not allowed on the LDS Church Camp property at any time.

    No one is allowed to salt any TL road that is not asphalt. Blowing or pushing snow from your driveway into the road could result in a fine. You are responsible for removal of snow in your own driveways, as well as any berms that may result from plowing the roads. If you are hiring a service to take care of this issue, please make sure they are not leaving snow in the road or narrowing any of the Timber Lakes roads.

    Please SLOW DOWN. Most slide offs are caused from excessive speed for the conditions.

    There is NO PARKING ON ANY OF THE ROADS IN TIMBER LAKES. No vehicles over 10,000 GVW are allowed on the Timber Lakes roads between October 15 and May 15.

    We have plans to do an overlay on the middle section of asphalt on Lake Pines, in the spring. We are working on the budget to allow this expenditure to go forward. This will involve repairing the soft spots, adding a fabric layer, then a two to three inch layer of asphalt to repair the second mile of asphalt that was done over 9 years ago.

    For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Huetter

    November 18, 2015

    Our first winter snow storms have arrived and it is time to remind everyone of some Timber Lakes road policies:

    1. SLOW DOWN. Most of the slide offs result from excessive speed. It may take a little longer to get to your destination, but it will take a lot longer if you need to call a wrecker to get you out of the ditch.
    2. We do not plow snow storms less than 6 inches.  We allow them to compact and form a base to insulate the water lines and provide a driving surface for snowmobiles. This also helps prevent the road base from being plowed off the roads.
    3. Always carry chains and know how to use them. Four-wheel drive is highly recommended, as well as snow tires. Kitty Litter is also an option to use for traction. Never, never, use salt on any of the TL roads. You are responsible to inform your guests of the need to have appropriate vehicles to travel the Timber Lakes roads during the winter.
    4. You are responsible to remove the snow from your own driveways, as well as any berms that may result from our plowing the roads. If you are hiring a service to take care of this issue, please make sure they do not leaving snow on the road or narrow any Timber Lakes road.
    5. No one is allowed to salt any dirt road in Timber Lakes. When you do this it thaws the road surface and the road base is then pumped down into the sub base of the road, destroying the road surface. Anyone who does this will be charged for any damage and required maintenance to repair the road.
    6. The road crew plows the main arteries first. Secondary roads are done after the main roads are cleared. Weather, equipment failures, and employee absences can prevent us from taking care of the roads in a timely manner.
    7. We generally plow roads between the hours of 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. We usually wait until a storm is over before we go out to plow.
    8. Do not block or interfere with any of the winter maintenance equipment.

    The road crew has been working hard to prepare for the winter season. They have cleared many bar ditches and added new culverts to help with the spring runoff. They graded many of the roads before winter to remove the washboards before the winter snow froze the road surface. They have hooked up the plows on the trucks and checked that all equipment is ready for winter.

    No vehicles over 10,000 GVW are allowed on the Timber Lakes roads, between October 15 and May 15.

    For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Huetter


    August 27, 2015

    The road crew has been busy watering, grading, and rolling many of the roads throughout Timber Lakes. They have been working on drainage issues and adding and cleaning culverts as well. They have been pushing back the woodpile several times a week, so it won’t encroach into the parking area. During August the following roads were watered, graded, and rolled: White Pine, Cottonwood, Blue Spruce, Raccoon, Buck Way, Badger Court, Timber Lakes Drive, Deer Creek, Acorn Way, Deer Run, Fir Run, West View, Oak View, Valley View, Beaver Bench, and Ridge Pine.

    We are trying two new experiments for the road surfaces in Timber Lakes. The first test was adding new road base on Blue Spruce, Raccoon, Buck Way, and Badger Court. We watered, graded, and rolled the new material. We corrected drainage on these roads and then applied Magnesium Chloride. Unfortunately, a major rainstorm hit the mountain just hours after the application was applied and some of the product washed away. We don’t know how well the first application really worked, because we don’t know how much of the product was retained and how much was lost in the storm. The recommendation for Magnesium Chloride is to do two applications of the product the first year. We applied the second application at the end of August. This product should help control dust issues and also harden the road surface to help prevent washboards and potholes. It also saves time and money on grading these sections, as well as wear and tear on the road base when we grade. We feel it will work better on the level sections of road than any of the steep pitch sections, but we wanted to see if we could control some of the washboard problems on these areas as well.

    On July 15 and 16 we tested a second product on a section on Ridgeline Drive, where we used roto-mill asphalt in place of road base. It was laid down like road base, watered, graded, and rolled. The cost for the roto-mill on just Ridgeline is about $25,000. So far, it is giving us a nice hard surface and no washboards or dust. We don’t know how this will hold up during the winter or how it will work in the spring with the freeze and thaw cycles, but it looks promising.

    On July 16, the road crew added two new speed bumps at the gatehouse. They have been painted and signage added. We were having problems with people driving too fast entering and leaving the development and it had become a major safety issue when people were leaving their cars and interacting with security. The road crew have added material to the shoulders of Lake Pines and redressed the shoulder area.

    The Association purchased a new used dump truck last week, for the road crew to use and replace one of the older dump trucks. The road crew is constantly repairing, servicing, and maintaining the road equipment and security vehicle. They regularly clean the equipment and the shop. We appreciate all the hard work Cameron, Rich, and Woody do for the Association.

    For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Huetter


    April 23, 2015

    The road crew drives the roads daily to inspect their condition, checking for driving conditions, downed trees, runoff, and damage. The following are some of the projects that the crew worked on in March:

      1. Built culvert drain boxes to be used in the spring
      2. Repaired the Church gate on West View (someone keeps breaking it – please stop)
      3. Repaired dump truck #2: fixed air leaks to lift the plow
      4. Replaced the American flag at the mail house
      5. Worked on the auger on the blower, they had to have the pressure turned up on the pump.
      6. Plowed snow on the whole mountain with truck, blower, and grader
      7. Replaced wiper motor on Dump Truck #1
      8. Repaired the new gate arms that were hit
      9. Power washed shop floors, dump truck # 1, dump truck #2, the Ford, backhoe, and security jeep, to remove all the salt and grease to prevent rusting
      10. Filled potholes on Timber Lakes Drive
      11. Installed new wind guard on the roller to help in rainy and cold morning conditions
      12. Cleaned out drain boxes
      13. Plowed off all the slush on the roads to open them up for drainage and prepare for spring runoff.
      14. Repaired the church gate on Valley View that was broken
      15. Got bids to repair the security truck that was hit by a snowmobile and get the decals replaced on the door

     Projects worked on in April:

      1. Cut up trees that had fallen down on lower Blue Spruce, Columbine, and Green Briar (that one took until 11:00 at night to get cleared.)
      2. Fabricated and installed new post at gatehouse for the camera to read license plates
      3. Closed the snowmobile gate for the season, because four-wheelers were accessing the area
      4. Ordered the parts, picked up supplies, and started trenching for electrical conduit from the office to the gatehouse.
      5. Graded, watered and rolled Blue Spruce, White Pines, Red Willow and the top end of Deer Creek Dr
      6. Removed and stored chip barrels from around the mountain
      7. Replaced battery cable on the roller
      8. Picked up No Sledding signs and stored them at the shop
      9. Graded, watered and rolled mid mountain roads, Lake Pines, Clyde Lake, Deer Creek and Spurwood Dr
      10. Took the groomer down for summer storage
      11. Graded, watered, and rolled all the west side roads in the development
      12. Most all of the mid mountain roads have been graded as well


    Blue Spruce was graded yesterday and will be done on a weekly basis. Ridgeline will also be maintained weekly. The lower section of Blue Spruce will not be maintained, per the owner’s request that we not grade it.

     The road crew will be available to load chips for you with the backhoe on Saturday, May 16, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Anyone wanting chips should put this on their calendar to take advantage of the service.

     The road crew will be working to clear out bar ditches, add new culvert boxes and grade, water, and roll all the roads, as they dry out. If the road still has snow melting on the sides, it is still too wet to pull the bar ditches and grade.

    For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Huetter


    January 1, 2015

    We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.

    I want to start the year, by giving you a little history lesson about Timber Lakes. The Timber Lakes development was created as a summer recreational community. No utilities, telephone, power or water were provided to the lots. The first lots that were sold in 1971 were dry lots and the developer had to haul in water to the property owners. The water system was eventually installed by the developer, but not to Wasatch County codes. As a result, many lots did not have water during the winter. Eventually, the County established a special service district for the water and the district purchased the water from the developer in order to improve the system. Roads were another item built by the developer. Again, the roads were not constructed according to County codes. We, the property owners, paid to install the power and have been paying to upgrade the roads for years, including widening, realigning, adding road base, laying about three miles of asphalt, installing culverts, and guard rails. Over the years the homeowners have purchased graders, two dump trucks, (one for salt and one for chips,) a roller, backhoe, snow blower, groomer, shop truck, security vehicle, water truck, and a building to house them all, just to maintain our roads. It is a never-ending project, with almost 30 miles of road and equipment to maintain, and employees to supervise.

    We have enacted a policy for plowing the snow on the mountain. Our road plowing hours are from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm. The main paved arteries (Lakes Pines and Ridgeline) will be constantly monitored and chipped or salted as needed. There may be exceptions to these guidelines, such as a huge storm, equipment failure, and personnel absences, but we will generally follow them. We maintain the side roads with a 6-inch snow pack to provide for snowmobile traffic access. It takes our three-person road crew between 10 and 12 hours to clear the snow and ice for just one storm. That doesn’t include the sanding and salting of the asphalt. We do not salt any dirt roads because it causes them to melt down and destroy the road base. Any homeowner who salts the roads or causes salt from their driveways to run onto a Timber Lakes road can be fined for any damage it may cause.

    We do not plow storms that are less than 6 inches, but allow them to compact on the roads. As a rule, we try to wait until the storm is over before we plow. Please advise your family, friends and visitors, that four-wheel drive, snow tires or studded snow tires and/or chains are required during the winter. NO tandem axle trailers, NO vehicles or equipment over 10,000 pounds, NO two wheel drive vehicles, NO trailers hauling construction material, equipment, lumber, sheet rock, etc. are allowed in Timber Lakes in the winter months, and please, follow the posted speed limits and slow down for the road conditions, when snow packed or icy.

    We also ask that you please follow the rule, that there is NO sledding on any of the roads in Timber Lakes. We do not want there to be an accident with a child ran over by a car or truck, because their sled slid under the wheels of a vehicle.

    Winter is once again upon us and the road crew readied all the equipment with plows, chains, sanders, and wing blades. The road crew maintains the equipment replacing tires, wiring, lights, greasing, welding, changing oil, fueling, power washing, replacing the cutting edges, and any repairs that are needed to enable us to take care of the Timber Lakes roads. You may not see the road crew out all the time, but you aren’t seeing all the work that they do behind the scenes to keep the older equipment running.

    The road crew drives the roads everyday to check their condition, remove downed trees, and advise if there are any trouble areas. They have installed new stop and yield signs at the intersections, new signs advising use of chains and four-wheel drive vehicles, and new signs to regulate the Timber Moose traffic.

    We want to thank the road crew, for installing all the new Christmas lights on the gate, guardhouse, and office. The road crew also put up all the markers for the snowmobile trail. They repaired the rippers at the gate, and repaired the fire exit gate on the west side that was damaged. We appreciate all the hard work the road crew does for our development.

    Happy New Year

    For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Huetter

    November 19, 2014

    Winter is at our door and the road crew has been working hard to get everything done before the roads are frozen and we can no longer grade. The crew has accomplished the following:

            • Drive all the roads several times a week to check for any issues
            • Repaired the tire rippers at the security gate three times
            • Installed new signs at the bottom of Lake Pines stating winter driving requirements
            • Changed oil in the Dodge pick-up
            • Relocated jersey barriers at the garbage area, parking lot, and Deer Creek
            • Held a safety class on how to safely weld and grind
            • Cleaned bar ditches on Blue Spruce
            • Watered, graded and rolled Blue Spruce, Timber Lakes Drive, and Deer Creek
            • Cleaned bar ditches, prepped, and graded Green Briar Road
            • Graded, watered and rolled, Ridgeline, West View, Beaver Bench, Acorn, the bottom of Deer Creek, and half of Timber Lakes Drive
            • Moved salt pile to the new salt pad at the shop
            • Loaded, hauled, and leveled the material at Duck Lake to add additional parking area
            • Added 47 loads of road base to Green Briar Road, watered, graded, and rolled it
            • Graded, watered, and rolled Blue Spruce, Badger Court, Fir Run, Red Willow, Spring Creek, Fir Run, and Deer Run
            • Welded and readied sander for loading it into the dump truck #1
            • Graded and watered plats 19, 20, and 21
            • Graded, watered, and rolled Marigold, Cliff Rose and Blazing Star
            • Met with Epic, Gordon, and homeowner of Lot 1706
            • Readied dump truck # 1 and repaired wiring issues, loaded the sander in the dump truck and got the chains on the truck
            • Graded, watered, and rolled the upper mountain
            • Cleared all bar ditches from the top down to Birch
            • Cleared fallen trees from the roadway after weekend wind storm
            • Worked on the chain saw
            • Built custom grate for the culvert pipe located at Blue Spruce and Birch
            • Installed sign bases for Timber Moose and yield signs
            • Moved and worked on the sander and plow for the Dodge
            • Installed a culvert at Blue Spruce and Birch
            • Watered, graded, and rolled the west side, Cottonwood Court South, upper mountain, Greenbriar Way and the hill on Cottonwood
            • Flushed culverts on Greenbriar, Maple, Blue Spruce, and Blazing Star
            • Replaced the cutting edges on the Grader
            • Installed sign bases for Timber Moose and yield signs
            • Sorted chains for the grader and dump trucks
            • Installed a 120v plug at the office
            • Got new tires on the Dodge
            • Plowed, salted, and sanded the dugway and all pavement
            • Hung the new red winter signs
            • Met with Gordon and a representative of the common areas group
            • Placed six (6) chip barrels at the following locations: Cottonwood and Blue Spruce, Ridgeline Circle and Cottonwood Court (2), Deer Creek and Blue Spruce, Aspen and Blue Spruce, Cottonwood and Greenbriar
            • Purchased and mounted a new set of tires on security Jeep

    A big thanks to our road crew for all their hard work and good ideas.

    For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Huetter


    October 15, 2014

    The road crew has been busy preparing for the fall and winter months. Here is a list of the things they have done during the past month:

            • Drive the roads once or twice a week to check their condition
            • Water, grade and compact the main arteries every week
            • Moved dead tree from Greenbriar
            • Pushed up the wood (dead trees) pile
            • Cleaned culvert grate on Clyde Lake
            • Built new grate for a box on Blue Spruce
            • Crack sealed the asphalt
            • Repaired all weak and damaged areas of the asphalt
            • Moved rock chip pile to the shop
            • Graded and cleaned the bar ditches and added road base on Clyde Lake
            • Cleaned culvert boxes and culverts with vac-trailer where needed
            • Added road base on Badger Court
            • Graded, watered, and rolled upper mountain, Blue Spruce, Violet, Fir Run, Clubhouse, Deer Creek and Timber Lakes Drive
            • Placed waddle where needed and checked drain boxes
            • Changed tire on the backhoe
            • Installed a culvert at the intersection of Blue Spruce and Greenbriar Road
            • Worked on all the shoulders on the Dugway and all along the asphalt on Lake Pines, adding road base and correcting drainage, then swept road
            • Purchased new power washer, checked fluids and tested it
            • Cleaned the equipment with the new power washer
            • Moved 27 jersey barriers (concrete barriers) from the dugway up to the storage area
            • Placed 7 jersey barriers to block all entryways on lot owned by the Association on Deer Creek
            • Watered, graded and compacted Blue Spruce, Deer Run, Timber Lakes Drive, Deer Creek, Buck Way, and Raccoon
            • Hauled fill to Duck Lake to extend the trailer parking area
            • Hauled and placed road base on the shoulder of the Dugway where the new guardrail will be installed
            • Cleared the area at the shop, leveled it, and brought new road base in to create the new space for the salt and chips
            • Installed holding tank and drainage for the new storage area for salt and rock chips
            • Oversaw the laying of the asphalt pad for the salt and rock chip area
            • Placed jersey barriers by the garbage area to prevent slide offs
            • Added signs and barriers for lower parking area showing winter regulations for all Timber Lakes roads
            • Installed new guardrail all along the Dugway on Lake Pines

    As of October 15, we started on the top of the east side to clean all bar ditches and grade all roads before winter sets in. We plan to grade all the roads in the development before snow prohibits further road improvements.

    A big thanks to our road crew for all their hard work and good ideas.

    For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Huetter

    New pad at shop

    New pad at shop


    New pad at shop









    New guardrail on the Dugway


    New guardrail has replaced the old concrete barriers









    August 12, 2014

    The road crew has been watering, grading, and rolling the roads throughout the development. Each week a different area is worked on. In the past several weeks they have accomplished the following:

            • added a new culvert and drain box on Aspen
            • added a new culvert and drain box on Blue Spruce at Marigold
            • extended a culvert end on Birch
            • dug new bar ditches on Maple
            • fixed a damage culvert on Columbine and dug new bar ditches there as well
            • added two new culverts on Blue Spruce
            • added a drain box on Deer Creek Drive (also called Club House Road and Shortcut)
            • spread an additional ten loads of road base to widen the narrow section on Blue Spruce.

    The long awaited upper section of the Blue Spruce detour was opened last Friday afternoon. The section from Deer Creek Drive to Green Briar is now open. This now allows traffic to go up and down Deer Creek Drive and gives the upper mountain a second exit down. We plan to open the rest of Blue Spruce in another week, barring any unforeseen problems with weather or delays on the guardrail.

    We have been doing repairs and maintenance on the equipment and are having the roller welded and repaired. It should be back on the mountain on this week.

    We continue to push the woodpile back, as it grows in leaps and bounds. We are also trimming trees that extend into the roadways.

    We are also planning two test sections of road, in our search to find something that will harden the road surface to minimize dust. The first will be a test section on Blue Spruce with magnesium chloride. The second section will have roto-milled asphalt added to Ridgeline.

    For the TLPOA Board of Directors,
    Gordon Huetter

    July 7, 2014

    The road crew has been working this spring on enlarging the parking area at the maintenance shop, for both the Association and Water Company. The crew has greatly increased the parking area size, relocated the fuel station, added an additional tank and completed additional landscaping to hide the building along the front side.

    The roads are driven daily and we have gone all over the mountain, watering, grading and rolling the roads. Every day different roads are done and once a week the main arteries are watered, graded and rolled. We have added new road base to the bottom of Blue Spruce and spot dumped on additional areas that needed attention.

    We have had maintenance issues with the water truck and again it has gone in for repairs. We have installed new tires on the grader and also repaired the roller. The road crew has been monitoring the woodpile and push it back at least once a week, in order to have room for more dead wood.

    A Workman’s Compensation seminar was given to the road crew to assist them in preventing injuries.

    The Blue Spruce project was closed down last fall when the winter weather came in, before the road was completed. Goren Construction has been up to re-grade and re-compact the road. There are still several issues that need to be taken care of and they will be mobilizing on the 14th of July to start work. They still need to take care of some shoulder work and correct a driveway entrance. Once that is done, our road crew needs to add some additional fill on a couple of narrow areas and install jersey barriers on the road. When all the work is completed we will reopen the road.

    We will be working to add additional culverts and drainage boxes on the mountain. We will be cleaning all the culverts again to help prevent road washouts.

    For the TLPOA Board,
    Gordon Huetter

    December 19, 2013

    Recently the Road Crew purchased several 35-gallon drums for the use of road chips. These barrels are for the property owners to use at their convenience, or at a time when a section of road need chipping during hours that our crew is not on duty. We currently have six barrels deployed. We painted the word “CHIPS” on each barrel and marked them with snow flags.

    Chip Barrel

    These chip barrels are located at the following intersections:

            • Cottonwood South (lower)
            • Cottonwood South (half way up)
            • Ridgeline Circle / Ridgeline Drive
            • Cottonwood Lane / Blue Spruce
            • Green Briar / Cottonwood
            • Green Briar Rd. / Blue Spruce

     If you use the chips during an emergency, please put the scoop back inside the barrel and replace the lid after use.

    Thank you,

    Marini Selu, Jr.
    General Manager – TLPOA
    Mobile: 435-503-4689

    November 26, 2013

    Hello to all Timber Lakes property owners. Because there have been a few important changes to our plow schedule, I want to inform all property owners.

    In the board meeting on Wednesday, November 20th the board discussed and unanimously passed a resolution regarding winter road maintenance. Effective immediately, we are observing the following:

    Plow hours 5:00 am – 10:00 pm

    No Plowing 10:00 pm – 5:00 am

    The main arteries that are paved (Lakes Pines and Ridgeline) will constantly be monitored and chipped and/or salted as needed. There may be exceptions to those rules with a huge storm but we will generally be following them.

    There have been slide offs, rollovers and cars in ditches and I’d like to address some of the reasons for some of these problems. Timber Lakes, as we all know, is a recreational community. Because it is a recreational community, a majority of property owners would like to have their side roads or most roads that aren’t asphalted, “snow packed”. Unless the side roads off the main arteries have more than 6 inches of snow on them, we are to leave them alone until they have a snow pack suitable for snowmobiling. When we have a proper snow pack on the roads, we actually end up with better traction.

    If the road crew plows the side roads before they become snow packed the following occurs:

    1. The road is exposed, creating a layer of ice

    2. No proper snow pack is created

    3. No snowmobiling

    This past weekend we experienced a fluctuation in temperatures that caused a continuing cycle of melting and refreezing. To maximize your chances of safe travel on the Timber Lakes roads during winter conditions, please let your visitors, guests, friends, family and contractors know the following are MANDATORY!

    • Snow tires or studded snow tires

    • Chains when needed

    • Always follow posted speed limits

    • 4-wheel drive

    • No tandem axle trailers

    • No vehicles or equipment over 10,000 pounds

    • No 2-wheel drive vehicles

    There was a rollover this week by an individual who earlier hit a fire hydrant and slid into a ditch. Speeding, improper tires, no chains and careless driving result in accidents that might otherwise be avoided.

    Please help all of us in our community to protect others, especially the children who wait for the school bus or who play or walk around the mountain. If we can help our guests, long-term renters, visitors or contractors follow these guidelines, we will all experience a much safer and more enjoyable winter in our recreational community.

    Thank you,

    Marini Selu, Jr.
    General Manager – TLPOA
    Mobile: 435-503-4689

    November 5, 2013

    Dear Timber Lakes Owners:

    As the weather changes, the autumn leaves fall and winter begins to settle in, I want to take some time and update the residents of Timber Lakes about the “winter plan.” The road crew assisted by Gordon Huetter and me has spent early mornings, late nights, long days and worked weekends to prepare the Timber Lakes roads for the upcoming winter season.

    The roads that have been graded, prepped and readied for winter thus far are listed below. However, please understand that these roads will still be maintained and graded a few more times before the ground actually hardens to the point that that our road crew can no longer grade until spring.  The roads listed are the main arteries or side roads that branch off of the main roads.

    Grove Ln                    Deer Run                      Green Leaf                      Birch

    Beaver Bench            Witt Circle                   Lake Pines                       Blazing Star              

    Oak View                   Cottonwood Ln           Upper Blue Spruce        Columbine

    West View                 Tree Top                       Forget-me-not                Buck Way

    Ridgeline                  Timber Lakes Dr          Raccoon  

    As winter sets in and the road department prepares for any and all conditions it is pertinent to reassure the residents of Timber Lakes that we will do our best to plow the roads regularly and consistently.  The road crew has worked on maintaining all of the equipment for this winter and are confident that the equipment is ready to rock and roll.

    Our winter plan states that both the west side (Ridgeline) and east side upper mountain will be plowed after every storm.  Four road personnel will plow at the same time. This will provide the maximum assistance to getting the roads cleared so that families with children can catch the school bus and those who work early can make it off the mountain.  It is our goal to keep the main arteries clear so that your travel is as safe as we can make it.

    With the new winter plan in place the residents of Timber Lakes can expect the roads to be plowed after a storm, chips used for icy road conditions and