As I commented in the last update – if the snow would stop coming down we could get to work on the many projects we have in relation to the roads. The snow came again over the holiday weekend, much to the disappointment of many 4 wheelers. We are still waiting to define major projects to see what direction the water company takes in regards to the improvement bond. If they continue with the bond project it will keep us busy working on the roads where they are laying pipe.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back as our Mountain Road Manager, Mike Camper. Mike knows the mountain like the back of his hand and also has a lot of knowledge about what has gone on here for many years. Mike is joined by Rick Straton who has been working on the roads by himself for the past few months. These two guys have a lot of work ahead of them this summer, starting with digging out the culverts that have been covered up with mud this past year.

Some folks wonder what the projects are and who gives the priority to the projects. The Board listens to you, the lot owners, as to what needs to be fixed or improved on the mountain. Not all the requests make the “to do list” but they are prioritized based on overall benefit to the majority of the owners. When driving down our Timber Lakes roads please remember the speed limit is 25 mph. I was out picking up trash on the Dugway last Saturday with two of my grandkids and folks drove by us at speeds that only an autobahn has seen in Europe. Please slow down and enjoy the sites as you drive to you cabin.

Some owners are already asking what roads will be plowed next winter. We will not make that decision until this fall. We will first take into account the main roads and then the feeder roads, looking at how much each road is traveled. We will post a detailed list by fall as to what the priorities will be.

The road guy