Timber Lakes Lot Owners:

From the US Forest Service
Heber City, Utah July 9, 2014 –The Rainbow Family gathering is officially over and approximately 85 percent of the gatherers have left the area. More are expected to be leaving throughout the week. A group within the Rainbow gatherers calling themselves “Fat Kids” is heading up the cleaning efforts. They will remain until Forest Service resource advisors feel rehabilitation guidelines have been met per the Operating Plan.

Forest Service Law Enforcement Officer did remain busy throughout the Rainbow Family gathering. There were 587 total incidents, 31 arrest, 136 violations issued, 195 warnings given, and 225 other incidents documented.

From Timber Lakes 
Note that the law enforcement numbers above only include incidents in the National Forest and do not include the incidents in town or on the roads leading to the forest. Wasatch County deputies, along with the Utah Highway Patrol, Heber City Police Department and Tooele City Police Department (Tooele loaned officers) did a fantastic job of riding herd on the Rainbow Family.

As for security in Timber Lakes, we will discontinue the extra security on the upper portion of the mountain near the snowmobile gate as of Thursday July 10, 2014.  We will continue 24/7 security at the entrance to Timber Lakes for a few more days.

Thanks to all of you for keeping a watchful eye on your own place as well as your neighbors.  Timber Lakes did not have anything out of the ordinary occur during the time the Rainbow Family were camped in the forest above our community.

Thanks to our security guys for their extra-long hours and many days straight without time off.  Thanks to Strider Security, from Provo, for filling in when another firm could not fulfill their commitment to our community.  Thanks to each of you for enduring the extra time you had to spend at the entrance gate while security checked out everyone who wanted to enter.

Annual Meeting and Picnic
I hope to see you at our Annual Meeting this Saturday, July 12 at 10:00 am in Heber City. Our 3rd Annual Timber Lakes Owners Open House/Picnic will be held this Saturday evening at 5:00 p.m. at the Jones Lake Common Area. We will serve hot dogs, so bring a chair/blanket and a dish to share. It is a great time to mingle and meet your Timber Lakes neighbors.

On behalf of the entire Timber Lakes Board,

Gary Hume