Timber Lakes Owners:

According to the National Forest Service, the count attending the Rainbow Family gathering is now about 5,000.  As far as Timber Lakes Security is concerned, there are no changes to our original plan, with the exception of waiting a couple of days to bring in extra security personnel. The company who originally agreed to provide us with extra people failed to do so. Therefore, as of today, Strider Security of Provo, Utah will be supporting us with four  (4) additional security guards. They will maintain the gate overnight and will also watch the snowmobile gate area 24 hours a day.  As we have already stated, please keep a watchful eye out for your property and your neighbor’s property. Report any questionable activities to our security gate house at 435.785.8764 or if it is an emergency, call the Wasatch County Sheriff at 911 or 435.654.1411.

For the TLPOA Board,

Gary Hume, President