Timber Lakes Owners:

We have been notified by the Wasatch County Sheriff that the Rainbow Family of Living Light World Peace and Healing Gathering has moved its location to the following coordinates: 40˚ 25’ 39.4” N and 111˚ 09’ 42.4” W. This is approximately three miles southeast of our most eastern Timber Lakes border and is about six miles closer to us than their previous location.

Rainbow Camp

Rainbow Camp marked with yellow pin

The Heber City Police Department is notifying businesses in Heber City of the extra number of people that are arriving in the County.

As a precautionary measure, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has closed two stake camps along Lake Creek Road just east of Timber Lakes. They have also increased the number of personnel at the Heber Valley Camp.

The Sheriff previously advised Timber Lakes property owners to take this seriously and make sure property is secure.

A KSL News story about the Rainbow gathering may be viewed by clicking here.

Gary Hume,
President, TLPOA