Just a short reminder to those of you planning to submit building plans for approval this spring. Please make sure that your plans are not smaller than 24” x 36” sheets. Smaller sheets, such as letter size, that have been printed from the web are not acceptable. The County will not accept these for permit purposes either. The plans you submit to Timber Lakes should be two of the same sets you will be submitting to the County for a permit. You can verify the County requirements by calling their office at 435.657.3180.

Before submitting any plans for review, please visit the Construction Information page on the Timber Lakes website for construction information. The website contains all of the necessary instructions, forms and applications needed for plan submittal. Should you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me an email at buildingplans@timberlakesutah.com. I will respond back promptly.

Rob Roueche’
Director of Plan Approvals