At the public meeting held on June 25, 2008, the ballots for the proposed Pebble Creek annexation were counted. The proposal was overwhelmingly approved. Here are the numbers:

  1. 499 Ballots Returned
  2. 446 Valid Ballots
  3. 420 Voted Yes
  4. 26 Voted No
  5. 53 Ballots were invalid
  6. 94% Approval of the proposal

The next step is for Pebble Creek to request annexation into Plat 2 from Wasatch County. The request must be approved by both the County Planning Commission and the County Council. This process will take a few months. If the annexation is approved by the County, then Pebble Creek will become part of Timber Lakes.

We appreciate everyone who participated, asked questions, attended the meetings and took part in this matter. We will keep you informed as the process continues.