Timber Lakes Owners:

I know that you have just received your most recent mailing of the Timber Lakes Times newsletter, showing upcoming board meetings, but we have had to reschedule the date of our November meetings. We are holding them on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 rather than on November 13 as stated in the newsletter. We apologize if this inconveniences you. We do appreciate the attendance and participation of our owners.

As always, the location and time of the November meetings is posted on our Owners-only private site. Click here to login to that site.

Also, you may have noticed several huge chip piles in the main parking area next to our office. Thanks to every owner who took the time to clean up your lots(s) and contribute timber to the wood pile. It has now been chipped and is available to owners for your Timber Lake projects. Feel free to take all you want (for your Timber Lakes projects). Don’t let a little snow this week (five inches up on top) keep you from finishing up your lot landscaping.

Theresa Gubler
for the Timber Lakes Board of Directors