Timber Lakes will close it roads to construction traffic (any vehicle over 10,000 GVW) as of October 15, 2009. Please make appropriate plans when arranging for deliveries.  You never know what mother nature will do and it could still be sunny skies, but the road closure will still be in effect.  The roads will reopen to construction sometime in the spring. Many times in the past, lot owners have asked for exceptions to the closure and they say they are only going “just off the paved road” and we find them up on the east or west side at the top.  If we did not have so many people telling us one thing to get around the rules and then doing something else it would make it a lot easier for those that do abide by the rules.  It takes away the opportunity to give a variance on occasion because of a few that choose not to follow the rules. That is why we close “all roads” to heavy vehicles on October 15.

You may see a dump truck enter Timber Lakes on occasion after the road closure date – that truck is delivering salt to the maintenance building that is used on the asphalt roads to melt ice. The road closure also does not apply to propane delivery trucks.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

The Road Guy