Due to the extremely dry weather conditions in the mountains, Timber Lakes has issued a “No fireworks or flame order” meaning that nothing with a spark or flame is allowed within the Timber Lakes area. Security will be patrolling all the areas of the mountain looking for anyone that is lighting any kind of fireworks or fires.  If someone is caught lighting or shooting off fireworks the sheriff will be called and a ticket will be issued.

Security will be driving the mountain every evening until late into the night from June 29th until July 8th, 2012 looking for anyone breaking the law. If you notice someone lighting fireworks or open flames the law please call Security at 425.785.8764 and report the lot number where the illegal activity is happening. Security will immediately dispatch someone to the site and notify the sheriff.

Please, please be careful. If have invited friends or family to use your cabin, please notify them of the extremely high risk of fire and of the ban on open flames, fireworks or sparks of any kind.

Thanks and have a safe, fun weekend.

Gary Hume
Timber Lakes Security