We are working on the next edition of the Timber Lakes Newsletter and need your help. In addition to informative articles from the board members, we are trying to collect “slice-of-life” and personal input from our community – making the newsletter more personable, entertaining and even more informative.  Communication is key!

Please send your stories about living in Timber Lakes, fundraiser info, charitable interests, school-related info, social group info, amazing travel experiences, etc.  Also, PICTURES are greatly needed!

Please e-mail your stories and high-res digital pictures (let us know if you only have a hard copy of your picture and we can scan it) to Theresa.gubler@gmail.com.  We cannot promise that all info and pictures will be included (pending ad sales and board approval of content), but it most likely will!

Again, our goal with expanding the newsletter content is to try to get more people involved and create an even greater sense of community here in Timber Lakes.

Please forward this message to anyone who might be interested – we need your help spreading the word!  We are also always looking for advertisers – please let us know if there is someone you think we should contact.

Thank you,

Theresa Gubler
Timber Lakes Board of Directors