In the past, all building plan submittals/approvals have followed a certain process in order to be reviewed and accepted for building in Timber Lakes.  Two sets of plans (prints) were required so that we could use these in determining whether your building project was acceptable to the standards of Timber Lakes CC&R’s and Architectural Control Regulations.  The paper sets were cumbersome, required pick-up and delivery and were somewhat inconvenient.  We had to store these and unfortunately, sometimes they were lost or misplaced by mistake.  Future references to these plans were difficult if they were no longer available.

With the new building season about to start in a few months, we are changing our review process in order to simplify and bring Timber Lakes up to the new ‘electronic’ age.  Just as Wasatch County has gone to electronic submittals, we are doing the same at Timber Lakes.  We believe this will help to expedite the submittal/approval process.

We are now requiring that all plan submittals be in electronic format.  We no longer accept paper submittals (sets of paper drawings).  We ask that you submit your plans to the office electronically (PDFs) by email or a CD delivered to the office.  You will still be required to fill out the required application form as found on the website and provide both the $20 Filing Fee and the $80 Review Fee prior to your plans being accepted for review.

Once we have reviewed your plans, and you have paid the required fees as determined by our review, we can either email the approved drawings back to you or forward them on to the County.  You would be ultimately responsible though for checking with the County to insure that they have received them.

We hope that this new system will streamline the process and be more convenient for all.

Should you have any questions please feel free to email me at

Rob Roueche’
Board of Directors-Plan Approvals
Timber Lakes Property Owners Association