After a long winter of struggling to keep services up to an acceptable level throughout Timber Lakes, everyone will be glad to hear we are preparing to make things easier for future winters (and summers, springs and falls). Last year the Board of Directors authorized the construction of a maintenance building to be located on Timber Lakes Dr. behind (to the west of) Jones Lakes. Unfortunately, they were not able to get the plans completed in time to obtain a County building permit before winter set in. However, we have continued to refine the plans over the last few months and are now ready to submit them again in preparation of commencing construction once the snow melts.

The new facility will house all of our Timber Lakes equipment and vehicles including the dump truck, backhoe, grader, snow blower, miscellaneous plow equipment, and a fire truck from the County, etc. It will not only provide a place for us to keep the equipment out of the weather, thus increasing useful life, reducing maintenance, minimizing breakdowns and expensive repairs (due to constant exposure to the elements) and more, but it will also offer the crews, who work so hard to keep things going in Timber Lakes, a physical headquarters for organizing their work and coordinating efforts.

The construction is planned to start in the next few weeks, depending on a good snow melt and obtaining the required permits. It will take about 3 to 4 months to complete. The building will be surrounded by a berm and landscaping with the intent of having minimal impact on any surrounding cabins. In most cases no one will even know it exists, yet the positive impact it will have on improved services will be noticed by all.

As an increased benefit, the Timber Lakes Water Special Service District, (our Timber Lakes water company) will also share about half of the building, thus protecting their equipment also and providing them with better work conditions to serve Timber Lakes .

This new facility will be used strictly for taking care of our Timber Lakes community. It is your building. As we continue to see growth on the mountain I think it will become more and more apparent what a great asset this facility is to us in our efforts to stay ahead of our challenges instead of always trying to play catch up.

I will provide you with regular updates on this blog site as the project moves forward.

Ole Smith