Dear Timber Lakes Owners:

Here is some information from the mountain.

  1. We cancelled the board meeting scheduled for December. Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 15, 2014.
  2. We have a lot of snow on the mountain today. The storm is still continuing, but as if this minute, up on top on the east side we have 17 inches of new snow for a total of 21 inches on the ground.
  3. During the the past couple of weeks we have witnessed many cars and trucks off the road and in the ditch, some upside down.  We remind you that front-wheel drive cars are no match for the mountain. Neither are big SUVs with street tires. Even many rugged-looking all-terrain tires don’t cut it on ice and snow in Timber Lakes. Please be careful and be considerate of others; this is four-wheel-drive country in the winter, with snow tires and/or chains.
  4. Double axle trailers are prohibited on the roads during the winter. During the past few weeks we have also seen several of these jackknifed and blocking traffic. Please don’t try to pull one of these up or down the mountain.
  5. We post regular road updates on the website, but we don’t email the updates. We encourage you to check the site for these updates, which provide a summary of what the road crew is doing and information we believe will be very helpful to you as you plan your recreational outings in Timber Lakes. Our most recent update provides some information about snow removal by the road crew. We invite you to check it out it here:
  6. We have current Timber Lakes weather conditions on our website. Find them here:
  7. The CC&Rs prohibit cutting down live trees without the written consent of the Association. This includes trees on your property and Christmas trees anywhere in the development. Attached below is a photograph of someone who appears to be in the act of violating this restriction. If you can identify the owner of this pickup, please call Security at 435.785.8764.

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

See you on the mountain,

Gary M. Hume
President, TLPOA Board of Directors

Tree Cutter With What Appears to be Evidence

Tree Cutter With What Appears to be Evidence