Board Meetings
Our January board meetings are coming up. All owners are invited and welcome to attend. Please check the owners-only private site for the date, time and location.  Click here to login to that site.

Snowshoes and Trespassing
On December 27, I was out  snowmobiling.  Upon my return I noticed some folks starting to snowshoe up the mountain just inside the gate on the LDS Church camp property.  I stopped and mentioned to them that they were trespassing and they told me that they did not think they were.  I told them that I happened to be the person that had signed the agreement with the church, giving us snowmobile access within the marked boundaries and nowhere else.  I agreed to check with the camp to see if it was ok for our owners to snowshoe in other areas outside our designated boundaries.  The camp people told me that anyone outside the marked snowmobile path is trespassing and it is not ok to do that. They clarified that anyone on snowshoes anywhere on the camp property other than where the snowmobiles are allowed to go, is trespassing.  I promised the snowshoers in question that I would check to find out if they could snowshoe outside the boundaries and then post on the web site.  So here it is.  Do not snowshoe outside of the marked snowmobile route; it is trespassing.

Help Needed
The TLPOA is looking for committee members for the Safety & Preparedness Committee.  Board members Mark Runia and Craig Allen will spearhead this Committee with the direction of owner Craig Jeppson (big thanks to Mr. Jeppson).  This Committee will address: emergency exit routes and signage, evacuation processes, how to handle being cut off from normal channels of information, food preservation and storage, survival skills, emergency protocols, 72-hour kits, important survival tools, etc.  If you are interested in making a difference in your community and are willing to donate some time to this committee please contact Craig Jeppson at or (801) 319-9945.

Annual Assessments
Owners should have received your annual assessment invoice and some other important information in the mail from us this week. If you have not received yours, please contact Horizon asap at (801) 908-5611. This year, the envelope does not have the TLPOA logo on it, but rather the logo of FCS Community Management. The return address on the envelope starts with “HOA GENERAL CORRESPONDENCE.” As a reminder, the assessment is due whether or not you receive an invoice.

Thanks for your support.

For the TLPOA Board,

Gary Hume, President