Notice to lot owners who possess gate remotes to Timber Lakes.

We are asking all owners that have remote gate openers to take a few minutes to stop by the Timber Lakes gate security building or Timber Lakes office and give us the remote number of your remote or remotes (each remote has a different number).  We will collect the codes for several months and then we will erase all the codes out of the current system and add back into the system the codes that we have been given by owners.  Those of you that have not given us your specific codes, will no longer be able to use your remote to open the Timber Lakes gate.  We can add your code anytime – but just remember,  if you have not given us your unique code(s) in advance, we cannot add your remote(s) back into the system. This means your remote(s) will not work until we have your specific code from the back of your remote.

If you cannot stop at one of the two areas that can collect  your remote information,  you are welcome to fax or email it to us and we will enter it into the system.

Click here to download a form which you can complete and either fax or email to our office.

If the code has worn off the back of your remote, you can open the remote by removing the screw on top. The code is on the white tag attached to the inside back cover.  Copy that number and send it with the above requested info. Remember, if you copy the code down wrong, it will not let you open the gate.

We will collect the codes for about two months. On November 1, 2010, all remote numbers will be erased and only the numbers you have supplied to us will be entered into the system. If you have not supplied us with your code, your remote will not work after November 1, 2010.