The wood chips in the main parking lot are available for any  Timber Lakes Property Owner. On Memorial Day, from 9:00 – 11:00, there will be a loader standing by to help you load chips onto your trailer or in your truck bed.  Marini, our new General Manager, has volunteered to assist with running the loader. This will be a good opportunity to introduce yourself and meet him.
The deposit pile is open for dumping dead wood, logs, and branches as of Memorial Day.  No lumber, construction material, weeds, or any non organic material can be put in the pile.
Please help us get the Utah state grant money available to cover the cost of the chipping and other fire prevention efforts in Timber Lakes.   Be sure to fill out the form each time you clear dead fall from your lot(s). A matching grant form will be available on site, and everyone is requested to fill one out when depositing materials.
Thank you,
Theresa Gubler
Timber Lakes Board