Because I can’t sleep some nights, I have been playing with my smartphone. I know there are more urgent needs for our owners but I can’t work on those in the middle of the night because they require interaction with other people, who are asleep at the time. If you have a smartphone, I have something for you;  I have added support for smartphones at

If you use one of the following devices, you should be able to view the website in a mobile-optimized format:

  1. iPhone
  2. iPod Touch
  3. Android
  4. Storm
  5. Pre
  6. Certain Blackberry models
  7. Q

I have tested this on the iPhone, iPod Touch, Android,  Pre, some Blackberry models, and the Q. If you are using one of the other smartphones, I would appreciate you letting me know if our website is optimized on your device.

There is a pull down menu in the upper right corner allowing you to select website pages. From the pull down you can also select categories if you are looking for a particular post on the board blog.

For you techno geeks the following list identifies the user-agents supported by our website. If your smartphone uses one of these agents, the Timber Lakes website should be optimized for your device:

  1. android
  2. aspen
  3. blackberry9500
  4. blackberry9530
  5. cupcake
  6. dream
  7. incognito
  8. iphone
  9. ipod
  10. opera mini
  11. webmate
  12. webos

Have a great holiday!

John Blickenstaff