Dead Oak Brush & Trees

This is your last chance to have some fire prevention work done on your lot without having to pay someone to do the work.

Next week the state of Utah will be sending another crew of Wildland Fire Personnel to remove dead oak brush and dead trees from Timber Lakes. The crew will be working within the road easements around the development. They will also be doing defensible space work around cabins.

If you would like your lot around your cabin to have some work done please fax permission to Mike Durr.

1 – Lot Number and Street
2 – Lot Owner’s Name
3 – Lot Owner’s Signature
4 – “I authorize Timber Lakes Property Owners Association and the State of Utah to remove oak brush FFifrom my lot in order to reduce my Wildland Fire Danger.”

The Big Pile in the Parking Lot

The huge pile of dead brush and trees in the parking lot will be chipped soon. The last day you can add to the pile is Sunday, September 20, 2009. After that date, the pile will be closed for chipping. We WILL NOT have another location to pile your dead wood so please use this pile while you can.

Who is paying for the clearing & chipping?

The work is paid for by a State Grant. This is your tax dollars at work !! You do not have to pay anything for this work to be done, but the grant expires this year and this is our last chance to use it to reduce fire danger in Timber Lakes.


Mike Durr

fax 435.785.8237
cell 435.640.1416