The incident last night regarding an alleged assult and perpetrator at the Timber Lakes Estates front gate is untrue. The Wasatch County Sheriff’s Department responded to Timber Lakes in a timely manner and then acted quickly and appropriately in placing Reverse 911 calls and emails. Unfortunately, they were guided by misinformation. Currently, there is an investigation being conducted to determine the facts. There is not a person loose on the mountain that is being pursued by the Sheriff’s Department from this incident. The good news is that the Reverse 911 system is effective! So if you have not registered already, please do so. If you did not receive a telephone call and/or emails from the Wasatch County Emergency Services, it means that you either (1) have not registered with the County or (2) your registered information in no longer valid. In May 2012, we emailed to all owners subscribed to our Board Alert list a notice about subscribing to the County’s Reverse 911 service. To review that notice, click here.

Teresa Gubler