We have received so many telephone calls about the Found Dog blog post being incorrect that I am happy to post a revision. There is, in fact, no “Leash Law” in Wasatch County. The law actually specifies that when your dog leaves your property, he or she must be “under control.” A leash is one way to have your dog under control. Another way is to have a dog that obeys your command to heel, etc. This exact topic is discussed in the upcoming newsletter that we are mailing this week. The main point of the previous blog was to try to reconnect the owner with his or her dog, but I apologize to all of the dog lawyers who are upset with my misstating of the law. Please inform your dogs of the “under control” ordinance or at least tell them to call you collect if they find themselves in the County animal shelter.

In the meantime, the lost chihuahua is safely back at home. Thanks to Tiffany for the rescue.