The board has approved a change to our Policies, Procedures and Regulations. This change authorizes our security team and/or any member of the Board of Directors, to issue citations for speeding and for children under the age of 16 riding or driving ATVs without wearing a helmet. We are implementing this change immediately, and would appreciate hearing your input before our next board meeting (Wednesday, September 2, 2009 in Heber City).

This change comes in direct response to property owner requests that we do something to address speeding and reckless ATV driving. Please contact any board member to share your input. We prefer to be contacted by email.

Thank you.

Printed below is a copy of a portion of the draft (not official) minutes of the meeting where this change was approved.

Wednesday August 5, 2009

TLPOA monthly meeting in Salt Lake City

Motion by Rondo Fehlberg and second by Ole Smith

Motion carried by 8 in favor and 0 opposed

Add Revision 8 to the Policies, Procedures, and Regulations of the TLPOA:  Modify Sec Add Appendix A on August 5, 2009.

Issuance of citations regarding: Roads, Buildings, Recreational and Disruption of the Peace.

Citations may be issued immediately for the following reasons:

1.       Roads / Recreational

a.       Speeding – speed limits are 35 MPH on paved roads and 25 MPH on all dirt roads

b.      Winter speed limits are 25 MPH on all roads

c.       Children riding a recreational vehicle without a helmet (16 years and younger)

Other fine areas to be enforced will be posted for 30 days on the TLPOA web site prior to implementation.

Fine structure is as follows:

Recreational & Disruption of the Peace

1st offense        $ 100.00

2nd offense       $ 150.00

3rd offense       $ 200.00 plus take away the privilege for one year

Number of offenses is based on a per lot basis (not per person).

All Board members are authorized to issue citations on behalf of the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association.

[Note: after the meeting, a majority of the directors voted to also authorize the TLPOA security team to issue citations.]

All fines will be payable to the TLPOA office within 10 days of receipt. Recipient of the citation will have the right to appeal the citation to the Board in writing and appear before the Board in the next Monthly meeting. Fines not paid within the time frame outlined will be attached to the yearly assessments for the lot in question and a lien will be placed against the lot of the owner. If a lien has to filed, the cost of processing and registering the lien will be added to the amount of the fine.