Dear Timber Lakes Owner:

“Dip into Chips” Saturday, May 16 from 9:00 – 5:00
It’s on, rain or shine! The TLPOA road crew will be onsite at the chip pile in the lower parking lot to load with the back hoe, for free, wood chips into owners’ trucks and trailers. Owners are welcome at any time to help themselves to the chips. On Memorial Day weekend the chip pile officially opens for members to bring down their deadfall and brush. Not Before!

TLPOA Board Meeting May 20
All owners welcome. Check the private owners-only website for details.

Wildflower Seeds for Sale
A special seed blend for Timber Lakes can now be purchased at the TLPOA office. Each $10.00 bag contains enough seeds to cover 1,000 square feet. Planting wildflowers helps to prevent noxious weeds from propagating. This project is a fundraiser for the TLPOA Common Area Committee, which provides our community with hiking trails, gathering areas and beautification projects. Wildflower and native grass seeds will also available to purchase at the 4th Annual Timber Lakes Noxious Weed Awareness and Assistance Day (Weedstock) on Saturday, June 6, from 8:00 a.m. until noon near the recycling center.

Bag Your Peanuts!
Please abide by our Timber Lakes recycling etiquette. Do not leave items that you think someone else may want – there are other options for these items such as Free Cycle and thrift stores. DO NOT leave garbage at the recycling shed; take it to the dumpsters. Please review our earlier post what is acceptable and unacceptable to leave at our recycle center. We are having a particular problem with folks not bagging up their styrofoam peanuts, which then can fly out of the recycle truck as it drives down the road. Also, we should try to utilize the maximum capacity of our bins. We should empty out our bags into the bins (except for Styrofoam peanuts!), since loose items take up a lot less room than the bags. We are still trying to gauge our needs versus costs, so if you visit the recycling center and it’s full please DO NOT leave your items on the ground – either bring them back the next day or take them to the dumpsters. Someone has to be paid to clean this area up, so it comes out of your assessments.. Lastly, the messiness at the recycle center is NOT due to anything our service provider has done or not done – it’s due to people misusing the area.

For More Information About Your Community
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The TLPOA Board of Directors,

Gary Hume,