Dear Timber Lakes Property Owners:

On Wednesday this week I received the resignation of Rex Gale as a member of our Board of Directors. He and his family are opening up two new BBQ restaurants in two different states. Rex informed me that he does not have the time to focus on his business and adequately do his duty as a member of the Board. Rex has been serving as our Treasurer and we will miss him. We all wish him the best in his new adventure and much success.

Also, Mike Durr just notified me today that he will be moving to Wyoming and will be leaving the Board. Mike has been responsible for our Government Relations, State Fire Liaison and Common Areas. He has served on the Board for several years and has contributed much to the quality of life on the mountain. Mike has worked tirelessly to address many issues on behalf of property owners and we will miss him.

When openings occur between elections, the Board is tasked with the responsibility of appointing a property owner to complete the unexpired term of the resigning Board member. Therefore, your Board is looking for two owners to fill these two vacant positions. Both of these terms expire in July 2014. Ideally, we would like someone that has had experience in the areas that have been vacated.  On the other hand, we will consider any owner willing to donate their time to attend the meetings and help direct what would be their area of responsibility.

The only required qualification to be considered as a candidate for appointment to the Board is that you are an owner in good standing. This means that your account with the Association is paid in full and current.

If you are willing to serve on the Timber Lakes Board, please download and complete this form and email it to me at Alternatively, you can fax the form to 435.785.8763 or drop it off with Martha at our Timber Lakes office. If you have questions about serving on the Board, please feel free to contact me or any other current Board member. We will be moving forward on these two open positions in the very near future, so if you are interested please let us know right away.

Again, thanks to Rex and Mike for the many hours and days they have contributed to the Association over the past years.  Both will be missed and we wish them the very best.

Gary M. Hume President
Timber Lakes Property Owners Association
435.785.8762 Office