Change is good, and in this case, the changes benefit all Timber Lakes owners.

At our meeting tonight, we announced that the Board has appointed two new directors to complete the terms of two members who resigned earlier. In addition, several board members received new assignments.

We welcome Andy Berry and Shane Olson to the board and thank everyone who applied to serve. We are glad to have a full board again, and appreciate the willingness of all the applicants to get involved in finding solutions for Timber Lakes.

The specific board assignments, effective immediately, are as follows:

Mike Durr               President, State Fire Liaison

Gary Hume             Vice President of Operations (Roads, Water Company Liaison)

Ole Smith               Vice President of Administration (Wasatch County Liaison, Heber Valley Camp Liaison,
Fire Safety Projects)

John Blickenstaff     Treasurer, Webmaster, Office

Craig Allen              Secretary, Security, Risk Management, Insurance Program

Andy Berry             Safety, Construction Compliance, CC&R Compliance, Annual Meeting

Rondo Fehlberg       Legal Issues

Shane Olson           Construction Compliance, CC&R Compliance, Common Area Improvements

Rob Roueche’          Cabin Plan Approval, CC&Rs, Newsletter

I have served on the Board for two years and as the president of the Association for the past 18 months. I appreciate the support I received from most of you. Although everything that I said or did as President drew criticism from a few owners, many of you expressed your approval of how we are trying to resolve issues. I want to thank those of you who follow the issues and express your opinions. We always make better decisions when we hear from our fellow property owners.

I also want to thank the members of our Board, who work tirelessly to improve the quality of life on the mountain. I appreciate all their hard work and anticipate working with them and our new President to make additional improvements.

I look forward to working with our accountant to complete the process of straightening out our financial records. Our goal is to have sound, appropriate controls for how we purchase goods and services. We also want to provide owners with accurate, timely and relevant information about how our money is spent. This is a crucial, and long-neglected area on which I will now focus.

Thank you,

John Blickenstaff
Treasurer, Webmaster, Office