We will continue to work on the Entrance Beautification Project on Saturday,  October 16th.

Please bring gardening tools, chainsaws, trailers, and good cheer. This could actually be fun! We have bulbs and wildflower seeds to start planting in the red rock garden in front of the Post Office. We will have more compost for the red rock beds so we can prepare them for next spring flowers.  We are also continuing to remove dead trees, noxious weeds, and designing new signage.

If you are interested, please meet in front of the Timber Lakes Office at 9:30 am on this Saturday, October 16th. The committee wants to continue the project and is asking for help from owners who can volunteer a little time.  Please contact Jeff with the time and date you are available to assist on the project.

Also, if you are putting hours in to remove timber and brush around your lot, be sure to track your time and complete the form included in the last issue of the Timber Lakes Times to submit for Matching Funds.

You can contact Jeff at 435.785.8185 or call the office and Martha will give you his email address.