TLPOA Board of Directors Meeting on April 15, 2015 at the Cottonwood Country Club in Holladay. All owners welcome. Work session at 6:30, public meeting at 7:00. Check the private site at for meeting agenda.

Call for Nominations for TLPOA Board of Director Positions
– Three of the nine TLPOA Board positions will be open for election at the July 11, 2015 TLPOA Annual Meeting. If you are interested in running for a Board position, please fill out the Declaration of Candidacy form. To run for a Board position you must be a TLPOA member (owner) current on your assessments. The Declaration of Candidacy needs to be turned in or emailed to the TLPOA office,, by May 1, 2015.

Get your 2015 ATV Stickers! ALL recreational vehicles in Timber Lakes MUST have a current TLPOA sticker. ONLY owners can apply for stickers. Annual owner stickers cost $15.00 each. There are also 7-day Visitor stickers available for your guests’ machines, for $10.00 each. Click Here for forms for these stickers or stop by the the TLPOA office or the security gate house. Recreational vehicles without a TLPOA sticker may be fined $100.

TLPOA Common Area Committee planning meeting will be scheduled Saturday April 25th at 10:00 am at the TLPOA office. This committee wants to involve as many owners as possible in the development of this precious resource—our common areas. And it’s a great way to meet your neighbors! Anyone that wants to build, stain, rake, make “a trail” or has input, should attend. If you want to volunteer to be a “trail boss” (designated leader of a particular area) come on over! Do you have a youth group, church camp, book club, management team, scout group, or family interested in doing good works in a great environment? The Common Area Committee can fashion a project to the precise talents, time, and interests of your group.

7-day parking passes required on all vehicles and trailers in the TLPOA parking lots. Parking passes are FREE and may be obtained at the TLPOA office or security. Owners must be present when applying for a parking permit. Owners may email security ahead of time at to get their guests a parking permit. The TLPOA parking lot is for short-term (max of 7 days) parking only. If you are parking both a trailer and the vehicle that towed it, you need TWO permits – one for the trailer and one for the vehicle. Please be courteous when you park, do not take up excess room, especially on the weekends! If you have questions about any of this ask TLPOA Security (435) 785-8764. Vehicles and trailers without a TLPOA parking pass may be booted and/or towed, at your expense – as the HUGE sign at the parking lot states!

Please visit or FaceBook page “Timber Lakes Administration” for more information about your community.

The TLPOA Board of Directors