We held the Annual Meeting of the Timber Lakes Property Owners Association on Saturday, July 11, 2009. There were approximately 100 property owners present. Owners elected three directors to fill the open three-year terms. Gary Hume and Craig Allen were re-elected to the Board and Rondo Fehlberg was elected to the remaining three-year term. Rondo is an attorney living in Utah County and will advise the Association on legal matters. Following the meeting, the Board appointed Roger Legare and Rob Roueche’ to complete the remaining one year of two positions that were open due to prior resignations from the Board. Roger is a CPA and will serve as our Treasurer, working closely with our Accountant to oversee the completion of the project we initiated earlier this year to address our record keeping and financial controls. Rob is returning to the Board to complete the remainder of his term. He resigned several weeks ago due to some changes in his schedule at work, which has now changed again, allowing him to continue in his role overseeing architectural control issues and reviewing owners’ building plans for compliance. Brad Denney, who was not re-elected to the Board, has agreed to continue functioning as the Board’s special projects person, assisting in research and pricing for equipment and material purchases. We express appreciation to Brad for his willingness to continue to help, welcome our new board members and look forward to working together to improve the quality of life on the mountain. We also thank everyone who helped organize and setup the meeting. Finally, a big thank you to each owner who cared enough about Timber Lakes to attend the meeting and to everyone who sent in their ballots by mail.

In addition to the election process, we also heard an update from Wasatch County Fire Chief, Ernie Giles, about the proposed Timber Lakes Fire Station. The Board is working with Chief Giles to specifically identify the exact location of the station. The most promising site appears to be on the opposite end of the Common Area from the Vehicle Storage Building, on the north side of Jones Lake, adjacent to Lake Pines Drive. Chief Giles also encouraged our owners to make sure they install carbon monoxide monitors in their cabins. The recent tragic loss of life on the mountain might have been prevented with such a monitor. Finally, the Chief thanked the Boards, current and past, that have worked to improve the roads. He said that while owners might think the roads have problems, the reality is that many people have worked hard over the years to improve Timber Lakes’ roads, which makes it quicker and safer for emergency vehicles to get to a location when they are called out.

The First Responders also gave a report on their activities, invited owners to join their group and encouraged safety on the mountain.

Members of the Board gave brief reports. Craig Allen provided an update on the short-term renter issues. The County Attorney is now in the process of sending “Cease and Desist” letters to owners who are violating the County rental ordinances. They are also informing rental management companies operating in Timber Lakes they will be required to stop providing such services.

An update was given on the Water Company project and its impact on our roads.

Following the formal close of the meeting most owners stayed for an extra half hour to listen to the Board answer questions from various Owners.

Again, thanks so much to those of you who came, asked questions, and participated in deciding who represents the owners on the Board during the next 12 months. For your information, the current Board consists of four members who live in Timber Lakes and five who live elsewhere. Of the nine Directors, eight own cabins and one is a lot owner. All nine of them appear, for all intents and purposes, to be living, sentient beings.